Kristina Bell Explains Why She Used An Altered Talent Testing STD Test

Aug 6, 2015
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I want to be clear, this ISN’T a girl who altered a test in an effort to hide an STD. This a girl who couldn’t afford to get tested and did the unthinkable, but her conscience got the better of her.

She’s since tested at CET and is cleared for work.

The issue in my mind is that the Talent Testing test was altered by someone who’s altered TTS tests before. Ive been assured the person who altered it no longer shoots.

Once again PASS proves time and time again that its the safest control method out there..Not just in the way performers results are handled but the dissemination of that information.

Below is the Derek Hay email previously posted on TRPWL

Hays Email

Re: Model – Kristina Bell

Today, We had a model who, had informed us that she had tested and sent us the test couple of days ago, which Veronica from my office forwarded to Gianna at RK, in readiness for her shoot today with RK, Kristina did not take her test with her to set this morning – which she knows she is supposed to do, (in retrospect this is fortuitous maybe).

Gianna who had been sent the test, was not yet at set when models and some production staff had arrived and her test and ID’s were requested from her, So Opie called Veronica to get the test again and instead of Veronica sending the test again from the one received by us from Kristina, she went to pull it from TTS website, which she frequently does, It could not be found, So she called TTS, and they say they have no record of the test, Kristina is called and starts crying and making excuses, and then said ‘she never tested’, Without her actually saying so – it becomes obvious this could be a fake test.

Kristina starts calling for a driver but we don’t send one, as we want to get to the bottom of this, Kristina calls an Uber and leaves the set, Sixto calls me from Africa, We discuss the situation and after review, he confirms the test is faked.

In case anyone is not clear – she did not shoot, Direct Models terminates her from the agency with immediate effect and informs her of same, TTS bans her for life from testing with them, – Kristina is informed of this also, If anyone wishes to call me or E-mail me for further information you are welcome to. I understand via a friend that Kristina intends to seek a new agent – whatever any of you choose to do – if your phone rings, is up to you, She is released from any and all contractual obligation with Direct Models, Thank you, Derek
Kristina’s Email

I want to thank you for taking the time to allow me to tell my side of things. I did a very stupid thing and I want to make sure what really happened is known. I would hate for the fabricated story emailed out to tarnish what people think of me. If anything is going to tarnish how people perceive me, I’d rather it be my story, not the one that was written up to save someone else’s butt.

I am a mother to a 1 1/2 year old. I had just bought my ticket to come to LA and I couldn’t afford the test. I didn’t want to ask the agency for help because when I’d asked for help before with a test, it was a huge deal and the only answer I got was “no”. I had a friend who used to be in the industry, I had helped her when she needed test money and I thought maybe she would be able to lend me the money. I had no prior knowledge that she was going to send me a fabricated test.

When I got the email, I didn’t think, I just did. I was desperate, I needed money for bills, and for my daughter and I… I forwarded the test to my agency. I had never done anything of the sort before, I was nervous about the whole thing from the moment I’d received the email. The day of the shoot, my driver kept texting one of the agents to ask if I was good with my ID’s and my test. Apparently they’re supposed to send me with copies of everything.

But she said I was fine and to just take me to the shoot. I arrived and filled out paperwork. After I finished, the director asked me for a PASS sheet. I had no idea what that was and I told him that. He said it was fine, they had my test and to go get in the makeup chair. I took my bags to the makeup room, I was so shaky, I didn’t even sit in the chair. I grabbed my bags, told the makeup artists I had something to do, and left. I went into -who I assume was the director’s-  office, shut the door, and told him that I couldn’t shoot because I didn’t go in to test and the test wasn’t mine.

He said they had to send me home. He called the agency office and told the agent that the test was fake and he knew this because I confessed it to him. The agent then told him that they’d call my driver and I said I already did. I waited for ten minutes for the driver and decided to text him again. He said he couldn’t come pick me up because he was running an errand and to call the agency so they can get me someone to pick me up.

I felt I’d bothered them enough and called an Uber. I told the director I would be taking an Uber home, he said it was fine and that was that. On the drive back to the model house, the agency finally texted asking me to call them. I called, they asked what happened, and how she did it. And in all honesty, I have no idea how. And that was all I could tell them, whether it was what they wanted to hear or not. They kept asking how she did it and saying that the test was so good it got right past them. Of course I was a mess, crying. They told me to calm down, relax, and that it’d be alright and they’d call me back. The next call I got, they told me to pack my bags and leave the model house and that they were no longer representing me.

I didn’t have anywhere to go, they sent the driver to pick me up but I had nowhere to go. He found me somewhere to stay while I waited to find a way to buy my flight home. I made a mistake. I’m only 20, I’m still young, and I made a mistake. I was desperate and I am at fault for what happened. I am glad that I made the decision to confess and make it right. But I am very disappointed in the agency for fabricating the story the way they did. I wish it didn’t have to come to this, I feel the email that was sent out made it worse. I have a test with CET that was taken yesterday.

I had a good friend who was able to help me with test money this time. My test is CLEAN. I was not trying to hide a thing by forwarding the falsified test. I really just did not have the money. But make no mistake, I made the decision to tell the truth, I confessed to the agency and director what was going on, I did. It was not “found out” no one “caught it” and I was not “confronted by a call from my agency and full of excuses”.  In fact I was very straightforward about what I did with my agency and the director. It was my mistake, I am clean, I was not trying to hide anything, I confessed about it, and I take responsibility.

The Altered Test


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