Kristina Rose Jealous Porner Slaps Her Upside The Head

Jul 17, 2013
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Kristina Rose posted this earlier on her Tumblr..Its funny to me and I’ve often wondered if porn couples get jealous

dekard9 asked: What´s the funniest thing that ever has happened to you while shooting a scene?


Kristina Rose


One time I was working with a couple, a female performer and a male performer for a scene for Brazzers….NSFW

The scenario was the dude was thinking about cheating on his GF. The other girl (his actual GF in RL) was his good conscience (the angel) and I was the bad conscience (the devil angel). In the script the angel was trying to talk the guy out of cheating on his girlfriend and the devil (me) was telling him, “fuck that bitch, do it!”..

During the scene, once we started fucking we were going through positions, me being somewhat careful not to offend.

Working with couples can be tricky. Some are cool like Francesca Le’ & Mark Wood, they don’t get jelly. But some couples, especially younger or new couples can get weird, not unlike in real life threesomes.

Anyways, a few positions into the scene I’m riding cowgirl and this dude rolls his eyes into the back of his head while I’m fucking him and his real life girlfriend (the angel) slapped me up side the head, like some type of warning. Not hard but definitely not a love tap for my sexual pleasure. I tried so hard not to laugh. I was in sock.

Needless to say I heard after that scene they no longer did scenes together with other girls. lolz.


Kristinas Tumblr

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9 years ago

This isn’t discussed much but I think I read about Kristina being raised in the hood (Oakland, CA IIRC). Kristina is a nice girl but in Oakland if someone slaps you on the back of the head the right thing to do is to fuck him/her up (actually it is also the thing to do in my neighborhood which is not even in CA) — I think Kristina has the strength to do it, too. I am very surprised that the girl was able to walk off of the set unassisted after Kristina was done with her. I know if… Read more »

9 years ago

Ya know, making Kristina sound rational and reasonable is really killing my wood over here. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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