LA Direct Models Will No Longer Do Business With Unlicensed Agencies Like Plush Talent, ECT, & Others

Jan 29, 2017
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Seems LA Direct has decided to no longer do business with Agencies who dont have a California license:


Information provided to us by the State Labor Commission shows that East Coast Talent’s previous talent agent license was obtained fraudulently, and the corporate entity on which it was based has since now been suspended anyway.

East Coast Talent therefore was not ever properly licensed, and remains unlicensed, as an email received by us directly from the labor commission office states on both counts.

East Coast Talent was never in fact licensed as you cannot ‘rent’ someone else’s Talent Agency License, just as you cannot rent someone else’s driving license.

The law in California, as it is in most states, is very clear and states that any talent agent wishing to procure employment on behalf of others must have a talent agency license and be properly bonded.

It has long been Direct Models policy that talent agents within the adult industry, must be properly licensed and bonded in accordance with the law.

Direct Models will not permit it’s models to be cast or star in movies with talent from illegal operating talent agencies.

Therefore this policy will remain in force with East Coast Talent unless and until they become legally licensed by the state.

What a well written piece of press. To bad they didn’t send this out last year, when Shy Love wasn’t licensed but was still booking LAD girls for her “comeback.” I can only assume the blacklisting of East Coast Talents is about ALL unlicensed agencies, Plush, who’s license has been expired for 2 months now, isn’t mentioning as aren’t like 6 others. Probably just an oversight.

All good though, now maybe agencies will spend the dough to get a license. Licensed and Bonded = Legit. I dont think I’ve ever heard a bad word about 101, and they’ve been licensed and bonded forever. Yes sir, licensed and bonded makes you the bees knees..

Anyway, kudos to LA Direct for Blacklisting ALL unlicensed agencies


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Matt Brady
Matt Brady
4 years ago

Looking on the Direct Models website and it says written by Kelli. Is that Kelli Roberts? If so, how does she explain working for Plush and Direct? - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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