Larry Flynt Offering $1M For Dirt On Congress

Mar 4, 2012
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Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, is offering $1 million for information on members of Congress engaged in “infidelity, sexual impropriety or corruption.”

Flynt’s bounty offer was made today in a full-page ad in The Washington Post.

He is seeking documented evidence of claims against lawmakers or other “prominent” government officials. The $1 million will be paid, the ad says, if the magazine decides to use the material for a story in print.

It’s not the first time Flynt has tried to get dirt on members of Congress or prominent politicians.

In the 1990s amid President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, Hustler was preparing an article about sexual impropriety of Republican Bob Livingston and other GOP lawmakers. Livingston, at the time slated to succeed Newt Gingrich as House speaker, stunned his colleagues and instead announced his resignation from Congress.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle last year, Flynt said these bounty offers are not about sex. “Politicians have one thing in common: They have huge egos and these egos are fed through their sexual conquests. And that’s what gets them in trouble,” Flynt told the San Francisco newspaper.

Source: USA Today

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