Lily Cade On Measure B

Oct 16, 2012
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One of the things that concerns me about Measure B is that the permits in question apply universally to anybody deemed a “porn producer.” This category includes not only the big corporate studios, but also small indie producers and even couples who do webcam shows from home. AHF portrays “pornographers” as these scary exploiters, when, in reality, a lot of the people who make porn are just small business people. I know I am.

I direct movies for Filly Films, run my own website, and shoot for a few other companies (like Homegrown Video and GoodDykePorn). I’m not a huge producer, but I employ people. I hire and pay girls to do scenes. I pay crew people — including photographers, videographers, and field sound operators (a.k.a. boom guys). I buy equipment, storage media, costumes, props, various supplies (I go through a lot of baby wipes), and even food for my talent and crew. I create jobs and contribute to the economy of this state and this county. I pay taxes.

With a lot of the projects I work on, I’m on a pretty small margin. I don’t have the money to absorb some $1000+ permit into my production costs — especially not for my smaller projects. So if Measure B passes, if it stands up in court, and it is actually enforced, I will not to be able to keep doing what I do. There’s a lot of people like me in porn, and this law is going to hurt our ability to do business, or simply drive us away.

Lily Cade is a performer and director in the Los Angeles adult film industry


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