Lisa Ann Talks Playing Mama Grizzly

Aug 24, 2012
Porn Stars
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Lisa Ann, a porn star perhaps best known for her role as a Sarah Palin look-alike in an adult film series, is happy to be reprising her role as the former Alaska governor this weekend in Tampa, Fla., ahead of the Republican National Convention. That said, she’s quick to admit her performance won’t match Julianne Moore’s in HBO’s “Game Change.”

“But [my performance] is not like how amazing it was with HBO’s Game Change, where you really thought it was Palin half way through the movie, it was so good,” Ann told the Miami New Times‘ Cultist blog. “Porn stars don’t really prepare that way. I’m not really an actress. I’m just a mattress actress. I don’t have an acting coach or days to prepare for my role or anything like that.”

These days it seems like even “mattress actresses” — and actors, for that matter — can’t avoid stepping into politics. In May, former President Bill Clinton drew some attention after posing for a picture with porn stars at a fundraiser in Monaco. And earlier this month, porn mogul and one-time adult film star Jenna Jameson took a more involved route, endorsing GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, saying, “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.” Her decision came on the heels of comments by porn star Ron Jeremy, who praised Romney, but said President Barack Obama would get his vote.

Asked where she stood on the current presidential election, Lisa Ann expressed reluctance to give an outright endorsement, but she did provide some broader thoughts on politics.

“That’s the wonderful thing about our country: everybody is entitled to their own opinion,” she said. “With politics, it’s kinda like religion. You shouldn’t judge people on it. But it’s unfortunate that some people just look at taxes. That’s the one thing they ride on when it comes to politics. Sometimes you need to do a little more homework than that. I’m not going to knock anyone for their choices. I’m pro-Obama. And sure, we would like to pay less taxes, but the beautiful thing about wealth is that there is nothing wrong with sharing it and being able to provide a better country over all.”

All in all, Lisa Ann said she’d prefer to stick to the adult entertainment aspect of her involvement around this year’s RNC, even if it was simple.

“I don’t go out there and recite any dialogue,” she explained. “I don’t act anything out. I don’t have any major props. It’s a traveling gig so you’re pretty limited in what you can bring. You just kinda get naked. It’s a strip club! Why is a woman sitting up there and doing anything else?”

Lisa Ann will perform twice a night on Friday, Aug. 24 and Saturday, Aug. 25 at Thee Dollhouse in Tampa. She says she expects a packed house, including, but not limited to, Republicans in town for the convention. The real Sarah Palin was not offered a speaking role at the RNC.

Read her entire interview with Cultist here.


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