Mark Spiegler, The Clintons and The Death Of JFK: A TRPWL Exclusive

Aug 16, 2013
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Since I started this blog two years ago, Mark Spiegler has been one of the few people that I’m still in daily contact with. I consider him my friend, which makes the following post extremely difficult to write..

Last night I was trolling Twitter and found this:

Checking her Twitter timeline, I came across these three very damaging tweets:

Foster On clinton



The Tweets are clearly very damaging…the question is are they accurate? I immediately called Spiegs to ask him if there was any truth to what was being tweeted. Below is our transcribed conversation:

TRPWL- What’s Up Mark
Mark- Nothing, just counting my money

TRPWL- Are you trying to ruin the Clintons?
Mark- Huh?

TRPWL- Are you trying to ruin the Clintons?
Mark- tschhhhhhhhhhhhhh

TRPWL- Mark, are you making a static sound?
Mark -tschhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cant tschhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hear tschhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bat tschhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dead

TRPWL – Mark are you being attacked by a bats?
Mark- …

Either Mark was being savagely attacked by rogue vampire bats in the valley, or he was trying to hide something.

First, I had to decipher these tweets.

Someone is saying Spiegler set up Bill Clinton in anticipation of Hillary’s 2016 presidential run!

Bill Clinton and Brooklyn Lee

Bill Clinton and Brooklyn Lee

I needed to call in the big guns on this one.. I quickly called on Bosco who was knee deep in tard shit running Desi Foxx surveillance.. I told him what I had, and he offered to hack into NSA computers to see what he could find..

Bosco started work, immediately pulling the NSA file on Mark Spiegler. It turned out that what I thought might possibly be a future blackmail attempt on Hillary Clinton was something much, much worse.

Below are some excerpts from a wiretap dated March 1962. Keep in mind it was a different time and racism was alive and well:

Wiretap 203

LH- The Jew said its a go
CM- I’ll make the call and get the shooters
LH- Are you sure we can trust the Jew?
CM- I know were his secret money cave is, he can be trusted.
LH- Ok, The Jew wants to be there, though
CM- I’ll reach out to LBJ.

WTF? I told Bosco I needed more. I needed to know if “the Jew” was Mark. I also needed to know who LH, CM and LBJ were.

Bosco sent me a email containing a password to a file labeled “Top Secret”. I thought to myself, once I open this there’s no going back….

Turns out my supposed friend Mark Spiegler is a heinous man who will do whatever he has to do to make sure the adult industry always prospers..

A little known Senate Bill numbered SB6969 was introduced in 1962, it was full of pork and had Kennedy’s name all over it. Part of the bill made it illegal to capture images whether it be by picture or film of people having sex. This bill was sure to be signed into law by Kennedy in the fall of ’63..

Could it be that Mark was somehow involved in the assassination of JFK? Note the wire tape initials of LH, could that be Lee Harvey Oswald? CM, Carlos Marcello? LBJ, Lyndon Baines Johnson? The Jew has to be Mark. The transcript was in his file and he’s Jewish…I find the Zapruder film and start ripping apart the film frame by frame. Below is a very suspicious image from the grassy knoll:

Spiegs on grassy-knoll

Looking at the picture you can clearly see someone behind the fence above the grassy knoll, and it looks like they’re holding a rifle. Below is a blown up version of the same photograph.


That looks a lot like Mark Spiegler. If that isn’t enough, look at this picture taken by a guy named Fabrizo Thylmann, who just happened to be at the Dallas jail the day Lee Harvey Oswald was shot:

Spiegs Oswald & Ruby

Now the blown up version:

That looks like a young Mark Spiegler dressed as a cop when Jack Ruby fatally shoots Lee Harvey Oswald

It’s as though with every page a flip it gets worse for my friend Mark. Allegations of gold hoarding, secret caves, shylocking, and an obsession with gingers. FBI Memo number 1098 of the Spiegler file “Target Spiegler’s had sex with ginger number 455 today.” 2100 hours “Followed target to Tina Louise’s house were he remained till 0900?

FBI Wiretap number 6578

MS- You here about this guy Clinton in Arkansas?
DD- Yea, its to late to stop him. But we need a plan just in case his wife wants to run for president one day
MS- I’ll be in my cave for a few weeks while I come up with ideas

FBI memo 8657

“Followed target Spiegler to a meeting with Dr. Alphonse Mephesto”

FBI Wiretap number 6599

MS- I need you to create a Manchurian porn star tasked with controlling the Clinton family and winning multiple AVNS..
AM- Consider it done..
MS- How will you do it?
AM- I will use genetic cross pollination, KFC gravy, and the vulva of a sexy redheaded genius kept on life support after a horrific Ferris wheel accident..
MS- When will she be ready?
AM- Pick her up in 48 hours.
MS- I will get her and take her to be raised at the finest boarding schools until its time for her to be activated.
AM- Don’t forget to come up with a name
MS- I already have, I will name her Brooklyn Lee after the 6 million dollar man, Lee Majors

FBI File Photo 484

Dr Speigs

Is it possible that Mark Spiegler along with known and unknown member’s of the LA porn industry conspired to not only kill Kennedy but blackmail the Clintons? Even worse, Is Brooklyn Lee some hot lab experiment whose sole purpose was to be photographed with former president Bill Clinton for future use? Remember, she only stayed around long enough to be caught hanging out with Bill Clinton then “retired” even tho she’s one of the hottest names out there….

Now we have Rob Black talking about the end of Mark Spielger, and Tom Byron taking meeting with “Porn’s Power Brokers.”

Im not sure about you, but I’m thinking Rob Black found out about Mark’s Kennedy involvement and is planing to expose it….

This Tales From The Tardside is just getting started

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Imposter Foster
10 years ago

I’m keeping an eye on you Tompkins. The other is on the ceiling.

10 years ago

That’s great, LOL.

10 years ago

How does Brooklyn Lee taking one picture with Bill Clinton constitute as a sex scandal to Monica? Wait a second, I forgot who I was talking about, never mind.

10 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

Well Bil is not called “Slick Wille” for no reason.:-)

10 years ago

Did you photoshop Spiegs in that pic with the rifle or is that Janis Joplin?

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

We are led to believe he was in disguise on this operation.

10 years ago

Hilarious, Sean! Great photo-shop job on those pictures, too. Of course everyone forgets that Spiegs was only five years old or so when JFK got shot.

🙂 I think Monica Foster’s prior life form Tardica Mayers (drunk on cheap wine and high on pharmaceutical grade cocaine) shot JFK that day. Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for something he didn’t do. 🙂

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  mharris127

“[E]veryone forgets that Spiegs was only five years old or so when JFK got shot.”

I’d like to believe that.

There is more to this Spiegler story than meets the eye, my friend.

10 years ago

Coco could be right on this. First thing they teach you in Konspiracy Kook Klass is blame the Jews, right? I’m betting Woody Allen and Adam Sandler were in on it too.

10 years ago

Holly sh!t man. Just be careful man. Soon you will
have Seal team 6 barging thrue your door.
Are you sure ACORN was not in on this?

Ha ha funny story man


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