Master / Slave Power Dynamic Explored in Skow for GFs Films’ ‘Control’ w/ Skin Diamond, Claire Robbins

Mar 24, 2015
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Master/slave power dynamic in Skow for Girlfriends Films’ BDSM-themed “Control” is explored in critic Richard Moreland’s newly published essay. At a time when BDSM lifestyles are brought to public consciousness by the film and book “Fifty Shades of Gray,” Moreland provides a unique perspective on the topic through his examination of the film directed by B. Skow.

In his article published earlier this month on his blog,, Moreland finds a complicated, yet compelling relationship between the movie’s character Alex and his slave, Skin.


“Control” tells the story of Alex (Scott Lyons) and his “Slave” (Skin Diamond). Alex lives next door to Katie (Claire Robbins), an introverted young woman who detests her mother’s work as an exotic dancer. Making matters worse, the mother (Darla Crane) regularly brings men home for sex. Soon Skin convinces Katie to join her in serving her master.

“The name of the film presents its greatest conundrum. Who is in control? On the surface, it seems Skin controls Alex, at least she thinks so, as well as Katie. Alex seeks control over everyone, and Katie ends up controlling Skin, or at least she thinks so,” Moreland wrote.

In analyzing the director’s choices, Moreland mused, “When critics asked Henry James the meaning of his short novel, The Turn of Screw, he ducked the question by encouraging readers to interpret the story to their own satisfaction. In truth, James suggested that his tale of ghosts and demonic possession resides in the mind of the beholder. B Skow’s ‘Control’ is James revisited. It’s illusion and defied logic that is clever and disarming, a classic from a director who is quirky, imaginative, and full of fantastic distortions and implications.”

To read the full article, click here.

“I’m very grateful to Richard Moreland for writing such an insightful and thought-provoking analysis of ‘Control.’” B. Skow said. “As a filmmaker, I wanted to really push the envelope and create a whole new reality for these characters so I truly appreciate his fresh perspective.”

To purchase “Control,” or to view the box art and trailer, click here.

“I loved the project as it went against the norms of what is usually depicted in BDSM scenes,” said Skin Diamond. “I liked that although my character was a submissive, she was in complete control of her situation. As well as loving the story, I had a lot of fun shooting for B. Skow. His dedication to his vision is very inspiring, and it was nice to work on such a unique project for Girlfriends Films!”

Some scenes in “Control” show images reflecting on a mirror or through a window; Moreland finds special meanings in these devices:

“Windows in the film serve as portals into the soul. A favorite Skow technique is to preface a scene change with shots of three windows outside the house because relationships in the story focus on two trios: Alex, Skin, and Katie, then Alex, Katie, and Darla,” he wrote.

But as Alex and Skin find sexual passion and comfort in each other’s bodies, Moreland goes on to say: “The first sex scene is racial in its implications. To further that theme, black coffee, diluted with white sugar and milk, illustrates the issues between Skin and Alex, who equates his “slave” with a “prize pony” he wins at the fair, diminishing her humanity.”

Echoing Moreland’s essay is AVN’s Tod Hunter, who hailed “Control” for its compelling story and performances: “Writer David Stanley, as usual, delivers a thought-provoking and challenging script. Skin Diamond plays both sides of her sophisticated/sub role well, Robbins is excellent as the prude-turned-libertine…”

For the full review, click here.

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