Mia Li On Why AB 1576 Isn’t Just A Condom Bill #stopAB1576

May 17, 2014
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Mia Li On Why AB1576 Isn’t Just A Condom Bill

Assembly Bill 1576: The Exodus of an Industry

Mia Li On Why AB1576 Isn’t Just A Condom Bill

When it comes to porn, people imagine the glossy DVD cases that line sex toy store shelves, XXX tube sites, and the vivid contents of the former. Much like theatre, what is presented is just a small pool of the people that make porn happen. At a porn set, it’s seldom a two or three person party. Oftentimes, there are swarms of people that create the world that your favorite spank bank actors and actresses copulate in. Beyond the camera frame, there are editors, makeup artists, craftsmen, and so many more that keep the gears of production turning. The faces and bodies that grace the DVD covers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of people working behind the scenes.

Those who have been a part of the porn biz for a long time know that there will always be ups and downs because of legislature, public opinion, and the taboo nature of what we do. There is no such thing as constancy in this industry. Despite the turbulence of the adult film industry, many individuals find themselves making a career out of it, be it in front of or behind the camera. Unfortunately, these careers and livelihoods are threatened because of proposed legislation. AB 1576 will not only affect talent, but also the other thousands of individuals who are unseen supporting the industry.

Tens of thousands of lives could change swiftly because of AB 1576. AB 1576 has been met with similar reactions to other proposed legislation that has infringed upon the adult film industry in California. The serious contemplation of uprooting production from California in favor of more porn shoot friendly states is a common one. Unlike Measure B that left its impression on Los Angeles county, this bill will affect the entire state.

Measure B’s shadow over Los Angeles had driven some production outside the county limits to facilitate production. Although these relocations were a huge nuisance, the potentially proportionate effect of AB 1576 will be far more dramatic and catastrophic.

When asked what change caused by AB 1576 do you dread the most, Mark Schechter, owner of Adult Talent Managers, LA states that he dreads “the disruption to the logistics of each company, most companies will choose to move out of California in order to facilitate production needs, with that comes a tremendous amount of time, money, and labor.” He continues to state that no job will be unaffected by AB 1576.

The individuals who belong to such companies will be forced to decide to stay in a state that has pushed out the industry to which they belong or uproot their lives to follow their work outside of California. This upheaval will cost tremendous amounts of time, money, and labor for both company and employee. Families whose breadwinners that are financially dependent on the industry will indubitably affected as well.

These negative affects will not be isolated to the adult film industry alone. Local businesses who support facets of this industry will also suffer. Glenn King owner of MeanBitch Productions comments:

I think the real shame is that the California economy will be impacted. When a large portion of an industry goes away, it affects all of the vendors who supply that industry. Restaurants near studios who supply food for sets will see a drop in revenues. Every production company has a dry cleaners they use for cleaning wardrobe who will be affected. Studios who provide shooting locations will go out of business. Nail Salons and hair salons in the Valley will be affected. You may think that these are small impacts, but what business do you know of in today’s economy would not be affected by even a small drop off in revenues?

Independent contractors will have a choice to follow the industry for work, however local businesses who are shackled geographically will not be as lucky. Businesses who in part depend on clientele from the adult film industry will suffer greatly. This potential industry exodus from California will indubitably affect the service men and women supporting the porn industry, as well as those intimately a part of it.

To prevent this legislation imposed exodus and destruction of the adult film industry in California, speak out. Contact assembly members via fax, phone, and social media to make your perspective known. For information on how to actively #StopAB1576, visit AB1576.org.

About Mia Li

Mia Li is an adult performer, academic, writer and a contributor for Kinky. For more writing by Mia, click HERE

This article originally appeared at Kinky.com

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