Mike South Outing Escorts- Again.

May 17, 2016
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With a dwindling readership and total lack of legit sources.. Mike South has resorted to doing what Mike South does best. Attacking and outing sex workers..


Mike “Not interested in outing anyone” South put the pictures of over 200 alleged escorts on his site..Of course he wants to you click it, don’t give him the satisfaction.

Mike South, the guy who books escorts for his low end bukkake scenes then charges johns 100 bucks to cum on their face.. Mike South, the guy who strolls escorts forums, talking about picking up hookers and warning others when the cops are around..

Yea, THAT Mike South

Below Is A Post We Did Over A Year Ago. For those of you on mobile, click here as all the images wont show here

Mike South: Cruising For Streetwalkers and Soliciting Hobbyists For Bukka

A stunning series of posts on an Atlanta, Georgia escort board from 2002 to 2013 underscores the hypocrisy and disingenuousness of the guy who screams that Los Angeles’ talent pool has too many escorts for him to want to work with them

Mike South: hobbyist and monger
Mike South: hobbyist and monger

Just when you thought the revelations about Mike South, the adult producer caught shooting without STI tests or condoms, couldn’t get any more horrifying comes these stunning posts on the escort “hobbyist” board, USASexGuide.

As you read through South’s exchanges with fellow “mongers”, keep in mind they were written by the same man who wrote this:

I am and always have been condom optional….I leave it to the performers. That said would I work in the LA talent pool with no condom? not just no but HELL no, no way…too many escorting females, too many crossover males and testing protocols that would pass an HIV positive person on anti-virals and way too many chances for multiple exposures between tests.

I shoot in a VERY closed loop, I’m way more comfy with that than I am with LA based talent. This bullshit about “I’d rather do an LA performer than some random person in a bar[“] is stupid, it is a FACT that STDS are WAY more common within the LA Talent pool than they are in the standard population, specially here in Atlanta.

HIV gets all the attention but in reality its only the most visible of a LOT of STDs that do long term damage or kill you, most of which we don’t even test for…

South shaming sex workers on his own gossip blog, August 29, 2011

And this:

“My guys…aren’t…being exposed every day… I know these guys and what they do.”


The first post is dated May 22, 2002:

I’m kind of a big deal

“THAT Mike South” — he’s a legend in his own mind…

Here’s Mike South cruising “the strolls” for SWs (streetwalkers):


“Anyone know where nice looking SWs are in this town”

As far back as 2003 South was conscious of the fact that he was using Craigslist escorts in his videos:

2003-05-11 2003-05-17

More cruising for streetwalkers. For a famous pornographer, he sure seems to have a hard time getting laid.


A classic — South’s grammar and punctuation had to be corrected by the editor of a hobbyist board:


South recommending a local swingers club:


South offers to assist a hobbyist in reaching an escort he knows —


Kinda looks like Axel Braun was spot on with this tweet, huh? —


Back to South’s posts on USASexGuide…

Here’s an old familiar Mike South refrain: he knows everything that’s going on:

2004-01-22 2004-08-10 2004-09-30

After some time Under the Radar (UTR) South pokes his head back up — to acknowledge a back page escort he’s shot, and to solicit hobbyists to work as mopes in his bukkakes:

2012-06-04 Soliciting Hobbyists For Bukkakes

“Shooting Taylor Luxx sat night blowbang / bukkake anyone who wants an invite should contact me. You DO have to have a current HIV test, sign a model release and be 18+ obviously. Guys faces arent shown though.”

Once again, as first reported by TRPWL, South makes it clear that the ONLY requirement for appearing in one of his videos (other than being over age 18) is an HIV test. NO OTHER STIs ARE TESTED FOR.

As numerous performers have confirmed, the test South utilizes is a cheap, store-bought at home HIV swab test, with a lengthy window period, NOT an industry standard PCR test.

The next day we learn that hobbyists have actually taken South up on his offer to appear in his videos:

Soliciting Hobbyists For Bukkakes - 2
Hobbyist has done “a few” of South’s “get togethers” (Click to enlarge)

“Don’t know if you like the environments at Mike get togethers, I have done a few in the past,” one writes

More from 2012:

2012-06-17 Captain Howdy
South shot another local escort, “Cheri” (click to enlarge)
South referring a woman he recently shot to the hobbyists and “mongers” (click to enlarge)
2013-03-05 full
South reminiscing about yet another Craigslist escort he has shot — and bragging about having been quoted on a local radio station (click to enlarge)

This is funny — after 11 years, South still can’t play by the rules (sound familiar?):

(Click to enlarge)

June 2013: once again, South solicits hobbyists for bukkake video participants

2013-06-06 Soliciting Hobbyists For Bukkakes - 3


Tell me again why ANYONE would ever listen to a word Mike South has to say about shooting standards or performer health and safety…

Mike South: Cruising For Streetwalkers and Soliciting Hobbyists For Bukkakes


Links to assorted USASexGuide posts:






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7 years ago

4-5yrs ago on LIB, when I said porn would shortly become nothing but infomercials for escorting, some people acted like I was crazy. Only thing I missed on is I said whores would hire directors and mopes for their own sites, but the explosion of webcamming has negated the need for that.

Don Houston
Don Houston
7 years ago

How accurate are the swabs for testing? I’ve heard very little supported by clinical trials independent of the manufacturers so I’m curious.

7 years ago

crunkleschwitz you were very correct and the Whores hiring their own directors for their own sites now are greatly reduced as of late. Well except for the occasional clips for sale vids which many uploads their own contents to tube sites is happening. You see the talents/whores gets traffic back to their web sites as a result of presence on tube sites. Whores wins every time. Change isa coming Opie Taylor

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