Mike South Wins The Coveted “Im Completely Full Of Shit” Award For The 8th Year In a Row

Dec 16, 2016
Adult Business News
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The votes are in.. And up until this morning it was a close race, South held the lead over Shy Love and Kelli Roberts but it was thin..Then South tweeted this gem:

Once that was public, the tard electorate cast their votes, South, without any help from the Russians, won in a landslide..

It’s hard to tell what South is saying in that tweet, maybe he wanted his his BBW supporters to wait?  South, large people have feelings. They prefer toe term BBW…

Maybe Im wrong, maybe when South says “large donors” he’s talking about penises? Maybe Prince and Xander where about to donate but he said no…. See what I did there, I named a black guy and white guy, I could of said Prince and Lexington, but I’m staying politically correct ..

The sad thing is, im once again in a situation where I cant reveal what I know. But my source at the Embassy Suites tells me, South has NO money, No real donors, and only one way out..For him to imply there are people standing by with a checkbook is about as truthful as when he hinted that Manwin was trying to kill him..

Why would these “large donors” donate thru Gofundme?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just send South the money or say, “South Ole Boy, Let me send this money to the lawyer, dont worry about a thing”

I guess if you write about how much everyone likes you you may actually start to believe it..Soon reality will set in for Mike South. But not Tom South, he’s cool…..


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The Ghost of Tom South
The Ghost of Tom South
4 years ago


Cactus Jack
4 years ago

Is the coveted “I’m Completely Full Of Shit” Award as good as the coveted “Crying Monkey” Award?

4 years ago

I must say that although i have no respect for Mike South the porn journalist, nor Mike South the pornographer, nor Mike South the GA-OSHA guy nor Mike South the human being, i’m starting to respect Mike South the snake oil salesman, cause he’ll keep lyin to his dyin day. Guy will never break kayfabe. He’d take a dying child’s last dollar in exchange for a bottle of snake oil, sayin it cures cancer. Then he’ll pry the bottle outta the kid’s cold dead hands and tell the parents that for a small fee the elixir will cure grief. Cant… Read more »

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