Mistress Of Late Mercedes Benz Exec Sues Company To Enforce ‘Employment’ Contract

Aug 14, 2012
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It has been two years since her wealthy lover’s death but it seems she is not ready to let go – of his finances.

The mistress of luxury auto dealer Ronald Pecunies, who died in May 2010, is suing his company to enforce a four-year employment contract she secured from him – for which her main role was to allegedly sleep with her boss.

German-born brunette Emel Dilek was hired to work at Mercedes Benz of Greenwich, Connecticut, soon after she got together with married Pecunies, who was almost 50 years her senior.

Pecunies became smitten with Dilek when he met her on a 2004 business trip to Germany.

He then flew her back to the U.S. and got her a work visa and gave her a job at his company.

Though her job role allegedly required little more than being Pecunies’ mistress, the judge has sided with the woman, now in her thirties, saying the agreement could be binding despite being ‘worthy of a made-for-television movie’.

Six months before his death in 2010, Pecunies set up two trust funds for his lover – which gave her a $1 million bank account and the contents of the rent-stabilized apartment he had leased for just under $2,000-a-month.

When he died, she received almost $3million pay out from his estate.

But that clearly was not enough for Dilek.

According to the New York Post, the German beauty was fired from her $120,000-a-year post as business development and marketing manager’ after her lover died from pancreatic cancer.

When she sued for breach of contract last year, Watson Enterprises counter sued her for unjust enrichment and civil theft.

Mistress: Emel Dilek is suing Watson Enterprises for breach of contract after she was sacked shortly after the death of her lover Ronald Pecunies.

Owner Arthur Kitt Watson testified that her only duty was to ‘sleep with Ron’ and said: ‘I don’t want my ex-partner’s girlfriend working for me’.

He said: ‘While the circumstances surrounding this contract are unusual in a theatrical sense — indeed they are worthy of a made-for-television movie — the contract itself is not so unusual in the relevant legal sense.’

The judge also tossed out the counter claims saying that while Pecunies was alive,the company voluntarily paid Dilek’s wages while her ‘absenteeism, poor job performance and relationship with Pecunies were on full and open display’.

The judge ruled: ‘While she may have been getting away with highway robbery in a figurative sense, the plaintiff was not committing civil theft.’

In November last year, Dilek sued her and Pecunies’ former neighbors and their lawyer in Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming they cheated her out of an additional $1.58 million from the sale of the Central Park love nest they shared.

Pecunies’ 85-year-old widow, Gertrude challenged all payments to her late husband’s mistress in Manhattan Surrogate Court.

Eventually, they got the real estate firm to settle with the tenants.


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