Monica Gambee Hating On James Deen??

Jul 20, 2012
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Director Paul Schrader shared details of his decision making process in casting Lindsay in the role of Tara on The Canyons’ official Facebook page:

‘Lindsay Lohan came late to the casting of Tara. I had originally planned to cast Monica Gambee, a model who posted her audition on letitcast. I was surprised how solid her reading was. After Braxton Pope met with her in Los Angeles, I flew out to screen test her. He laid out our situation (in terms of script, budget, nudity) and it seemed like we’d found our Tara. But when Monica heard that we were also considering James Deen, she balked at doing the test. I notified her that I would be willing not to consider Deen if she would be the lead (James had not yet tested), but Monica’s process of indecision was already in motion. It then became one thing one thing after another, and finally, she never came in for the screen test. I had planned that weekend to cast her both her and Sean Brosnan as the leads, but that plan unravelled

Source Hollywood Backwash

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11 years ago

As if she is somehow above James Deen, I’ve never even heard of her. She would have been more than lucky to be in a movie with James, if she ever gets famous, I’m never going to her movies!

11 years ago

I hope she finds another low budget movie to get naked in. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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