More Shenanigans From Scam Union #APAG #IEAU #PornUnion

Aug 23, 2019
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Since the inception of the ” porn union” a word I use loosely, I’ve harped and harped about how it was a nothing more than money play contrived by Phyllisha Anne who’s sole interest in creating the Union was an attempt to get rich off the backs of others. From 600 buck initiation fees, taking bribes from AHF, and her trying to get subsidized 6 figure salaries for her and all her cronies, it’s always been about what she can put in her pocket.

I continued to point out the unions money grabs and every time I did, I was told we are getting rid of her, or she can’t touch the money, or blah blah blah. Lip Service

A few months back, I once again wrote about Phyllisha having access to all the unions cash. I was then sent this text:


Seems legit, why would someone send me a text like that if it weren’t true?  Unfortunately, the APAG/Union website says something completely different:



  • Bank account to be open for APAG
    • Amanda Gullesserian stated for an APAG account to be open we need to bring to the table, on request of the bank, a vote in which is to show AMANDA GULLESSERIAN is to now open the APAG bank account.

  • Motion was made to vote on opening APAG bank account was made by Geroge Reano
    • Motion was 2nd by Ray Kile

Amanda Gullesserian called for a vote that she is to open the APAG bank account

  • All was in favor

Record shows that AMANDA GULLESSERIAN is to open APAG back account

  • A motion was made to vote on using the APAG funds of $100 to be used to open the APAG bank account
  • Motion was 2nd by George Reano

Amanda Gullesserian called for vote the APAG funds of $100 be used to open the APAG account

  • All was in favor

Record shows that APAG $100 from dues are used to open the APAG bank account.

*A Savings account for APAG was opened at Bank of America with the Approval of Alana Evans President of APAG.

  • Info for account has been forwarded to Alana Evans by personal text message on  Wed May 22nd.  @ 3:38 pm
  • Has no monthly Service fee
  • Can only do 6 transaction per month
  • B of A Corporate approved account to make sure we would not be shut down in the future

*Because APAG does not hold its own Non-profit Status, all dues and donations will be going straight to the IEAU, then transferred into APAG twice a month so that it is kept tax exempt.

  • All officers will have on-line access to view bank account information.
  • All APAG expenses can come out of APAG account
  • All funds withdrawal shall be first requested by Kelly Pierce pre request funds report as to follow or bylaws
  • ALL other funds and transactions must follow by-laws
  • All donations to chapter will be 100% to the chapter in which was donated too, as well, to our by laws.

The APAG May minutes completely contradict the text message I received. I dont think it could be any clearer, felon scammer Phyllisha Anne is still in complete control of Union money.  The women who allegedly took a bribe from AHF, tried to blackmail FSC, illegally recorded AHF phone calls, signed on to back the AHF condom push without the constant of other board members, can do what she wants when she wants with YOUR Money….

When Phyllisha created the scam union, she put all her people into place, including the APAG board, there was never a legit vote, as there were no members, all of this is documented on this site.


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