Motley Models Responds To Plush Talents Madison Hart Email Blast

Jan 13, 2017
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Last week, Plush sent out an angry email blast about Madison Hart which was covered here..A great read BTW.. The irony in the Plush email is they have a contracted Hussie model on the Plush site…

Below is the Motley Models response..

Hi all,

I wanted to address an email that went out last week from Plush Talent in regards to model Madison Hart. Rather than include unnecessary drama, I’ll just present the facts.

Madison Hart was unhappy with her representation by Plush Talent.

Plush Talent’s license to operate in the state of California legally expired on 12/21/2016. This deemed their talent contracts invalid. See below for verification.

Being that she was unhappy; she chose to seek alternative representation from an agency operation within the guidelines of the CA Dept of Industrial Relations. Hence, Motley Models signed her being that she was not in a valid contract.

While Madison is fully booked for her current trip, I understand some companies are hesitant to book her next trip based on Scott’s email so wanted to make sure all were on the same page. For those of you that are apprehensive due being loyal to Plush or the myth of her being in an agency relationship with him, you do what you think is best.

For others who are just looking for some clarity, I hope this helps and you do not hold it against her.

Lastly, as for her balance with Plush, despite her having no obligation to pay commissions to unlicensed agencies, I’ve encouraged her to pay the balance and Plush has agreed on a settlement amount. Plush was supposed to send an email out addressing these days ago but perhaps they’re too busy filling out the paperwork to hopefully re-instate their license.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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4 years ago

Now that sounded like someone i would want representing me even if he’s blowing smoke up my ass . I’ll hand him a smoke and a garden hose cause he’s pretty good at it. Came across professional unlike others involved .Encouraging her to pay was not a must but very classy .
Good luck to Madison and hope it all gets sorted for the best . - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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