New Cal/OSHA Report: State Averages 1.027 Workplace Deaths a Day — How Many on Porn Sets?

May 2, 2014
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New Cal/OSHA Report: State Averages 1.027 Workplace Deaths Per Day

Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant. ~ James Madison

According to the Cal/OHSA Reporter there were 375 workplace deaths in California in 2012.

New Cal/OSHA Report: State Averages 1.027 Workplace Deaths a Day -- How Many on Porn Sets?

Mind blowing isn’t it? All those porn deaths.

Good thing Cal/OSHA is running around spending all that cash and manpower putting condoms on penises and backing AHF’s move to control the adult business.

Thanks to Cal/OSHA, all those many work-related death on porn sets will now be avoided.

The latest budget signed into law by President Obama includes $552.2 million in funding for OSHA, including approximately $208 million for enforcement. Although the total amount falls $18.3 million short of the $570.5 million the agency requested, the final budget fully funds OSHA’s requested enforcement dollars. Overall, the new funding levels represent an increase of $17 million, or 3.2%, over the funding OSHA received during the sequestration-impacted Fiscal Year (FY) 2013.

  • $207.8 million will be earmarked for federal enforcement activities. This amount is similar to the FY 2013 final spending levels because OSHA shifted its funds towards enforcement from other programs during sequestration.
  • $143.9 million will be used for compliance assistance, including federal assistance, state consultation grants, and training grants.
  • $100 million will be available for grants to states that operate their own occupational safety and health agencies.
  • $34.3 million will be used for safety and health statistics.
  • $20 million will be available for safety and health standards.
  • $24.3 million will go towards technical support.
  • $17 million will fund whistleblower protection programs.


Obama is sick and tired of people being killed on porn sets and has declared porn public enemy # 1.

Sometimes when I’m on Twitter and see someone tweet they’re on the way to set, I silently thank OSHA for attempting to keep Penny Pax safe from any penis that may try and hurt her.

OSHA says it plans to use its funding to advance its overall goals of securing safe and healthy workplaces and ensuring that workers have a voice in the workplace. In particular, the agency plans to focus on high-hazard industries and devote attention to the four leading causes of workplace death: falls, electrocutions, caught-in and caught-between incidents, and struck-by incidents. OSHA plans to use both enforcement and outreach efforts to work toward these goals.

I remember that time Asa was struck in the face by a penis, feel over a rail, landed in a pool and was shocked by a loose wire from a charging iPhone. Luckily things like that wont happen anymore…

According to OSHA’s 2014 Budget Justification, the agency plans to use its enforcement funding to conduct 39,250 inspections in 2014. These inspections will be targeted to find and address (shut down all porn sets), the most hazardous workplaces under the agency’s new weighted inspection system. In addition to focusing on serious hazards, OSHA plans to encourage its compliance officers and area offices to conduct complex inspections, such as those for Process Safety Management.

Some of things OSHA will be looking for include:

  • Combustible Dust
  • Hazardous Machinery (National Emphasis Program on Amputations)
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Occupational Exposure to Isocyanates
  • Lead
  • Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
  • Primary Metal Industries
  • Process Safety Management (Two programs: PSM Covered Chemical Facilities and Petroleum Refinery Process Safety Management)
  • Shipbreaking
  • Crystalline Silica
  • Trenching and Excavation

No they wont come right out and tell Corvus his penis is dangerous — they will use the old “your railing is .05855 inches off center, that will be $45,000 please.”

Luckily, Cal/OSHA will be able to visit Evil Angel at least 19,546 times and still have some visits left over for and TIM.

I for one will sleep easier knowing Cal/OHSA is out watching penises.



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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

Just for the record, and I have checked this record out personally, there has not been one single clinical death resulting directly from porn production during the entire four decades since porn production was legalized. None. Zip. Nada. Zero. It ranks among the lowest risk industries in the nation. In mainstream film production there are an average of 12 workplace deaths yearly, primarily among stunt players but also among crew members who work long hours with dangerous heavy equipment and high-voltage generators. There has been nothing resembling The Twilight Zone case in the entire history of porn. And yet to… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Ernest Greene

Maybe you can explain 207 premature porn star deaths in the last ten years? And maybe you can explain how the average life expectancy of a porn performer is only 36.2 years whereas the average life expectancy of an American is 78.6 years.

Deep Throat
8 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

Yes, I can explain that quite easily: the numbers are bullshit As for the porn star deaths, start here: As for the ridiculous life expectancy “statistic”, it was not compiled using the same methodology as the US govt uses to compute average life expectancy of the general population. For instance, the idiotic 36.2 years number only tells you who has died and at what age, but does not track those who are still living. You don’t calculate “life expectancy” that way LOL. That only tells you the average age of death. They are not the same thing. The 36.2… Read more »

Anthony Kennerson
Anthony Kennerson
8 years ago
Reply to  Deep Throat

Right, Melissa. 207 “premature” porn performer deaths in 10 years. Let us, for experimental purposes, round that off to 21 deaths per year. How many of those deaths were actually directly contributed to porn production, rather than disease, personal accidents or natural causes? What percentage of those deaths were the result of complications from AIDS, which ravaged the gay male population during the 1980’s and 1990’s? As Ernest and Michael have duly noted, there has been NO confirmed report of any performer dying as a result of producing porn. Not. A. One. And, that life expectancy nonsense?? You might as… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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