Nica Noelle and the AWM Bitch Boy Award Winner

Oct 15, 2011
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Submitted on 2011/10/14 at 10:00 p
Must suck to be you today huh Cindi?! Take that Whiteacre & Thompson! Somewhere in France a sad, pathetic, dried up creepy little man is crying with his head in his hands!!! So who’s gonna be replacing the aebn advertising spot on your forum ?!!!

Let me see if I understand this correctly. I’m supposed to be upset about Nica getting a new gig? Why? She went from having a paycheck and spending someone else’s money, to no paycheck and spending her own. Let me break it down for you even more bitch boy: If Nica won the lottery, bought out DP and scored the rights to President Obama’s sex tape…it wouldn’t mean shyt to me.

Nothing Nica does will ever change the fact that she’s a fucking waste of space who probably left her last job because she had to. She can only be relevant by causing problems. Standard Nica M.O: talk shyt about people on twitter, claim harassment, private twitter page.

Once everyone moves on, Nica un-privates her page, talks crap then claims harassment, etc. etc. Think about it – how many times in the last four months has she gone from public to private? Why? For someone who’s being harassed so much you would think she wouldn’t want anyone in her business. But she DOES want people in her business. She NEEDS people in her business. If people don’t get in her business then she can’t drum up bitch boy sympathy.

I wasn’t gonna play into it. I was just gonna do my thing. But I check my NEW twitter, one I’ve only had for a few days, and I’m being tagged into tweets about stalking. I’ve made about 65 tweets and not one concerning any of them until about 15 minutes ago.

Out of all the porn companies out there, studios, directors or whatever, how many of them are constantly creating drama with every move? Nica needs drama. She’s not content on being the talent slash director. That’s not enough for her ego. She has to be the center of attention. All roads have to lead back to her, or she’s pissed off.

But badboyjuice thrives on being mentioned in the same sentence as his heroine. She throws a tweet his way and he thinks they’re gonna spend Thanksgiving together. Roger is worse then Nica. He’s being used and is to stupid to see it. I talk to certain people and hear what is being said about him privately…LOL

Dude, since you’re their superhero, why don’t you step up to the plate? Be a real man. Instead of reaching out to Cindi and Julie about me, reach out to me. Better yet, how about we do something for charity? …you have so much contempt for me and love her so much.

Maybe we each drop a G note down and go a few rounds. Loser’s money goes to Winner’s charity…210-854-3444…just in case you’re having trouble reaching out to me…

I guess thanks are in order, though. As I progress through the world of blogging, sometimes I can’t think of topics. badboyjuice has inspired me. AWM will now do a bitch boy of the month award. I will screen tweets and posts, narrow it down to like 5 people and let the readers decide who the biggest bitch is.


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