No Alex Harper, We Hate You Because ……..

Jun 19, 2024
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Fat Alex Harper

Alex Harper’s timeline has always been one of my top 5 Twitter destinations. My day usually starts with a great dump, while I let the protein poop flow naturally, I go thru my APAG texts from the night before, then in order, the twitters of Alex Harper and Astrid Star. Drug addicts who think they are smart make for great morning reading. Each of those timelines offers a unique reading experience. It’s like a Super Walmart of drug-fueled rants with copy-and-paste politics mixed in for posterity.

Yesterday, after a long night of nothing, Alex Harper made this tweet:

Some how, Alex is so out of touch with the world, she thinks the only people who don’t like her are people who don’t like themselves.  Alex, allow me to expand your thinking on this topic.

We hate you because you lie, your timeline is a typed-out contradiction. Don’t bother deleting anything, we capped it all for future use

We hate you because you do nothing in this world but beg for money. In the last 120 days, you’ve asked for money 91 times.

We hate you because you steal money from Hobbyists. When you book a hooking gig, take a deposit, that’s a fuck contract. Which you’ve failed to honor more than once.

We hate you because you switch up your gayness depending on the current gay climate, one day you’re trans, one day you’re a lesbian, and one-day a nonbinary trans cisgender OBGYN straight woman with a fetish for trans men who think they’re men.

We hate you because you only care about yourself. You do NOTHING for anyone, you make everyone around you miserable. Let’s count it out, your agent hates you. Your in-laws hate you, you were engaged for EIGHT years, why? Besides picking up strays, what exactly have you ever done that was NICE? Even Astrid dug into her pockets and gave you money, twice, because she felt bad for you. How do you repay her, attack her publicly because of her politics, and then lie about giving her money to a gay charity?

We hate you because every 20 minutes your gonna kill yourself when we all know you wont.  Your suicide / death tweets are usually followed by an fundraiser tweet.


But, at the end of the day,

We mostly hate you cuz you’re a raging fucking grifting cunt!

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Alexs cat
Alexs cat
1 month ago

I second this

1 month ago

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