No Comment From Weiner Camp On New Alleged Sex Chats

Jul 23, 2013
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Anthony Weiner’s campaign did not respond Tuesday to repeated inquiries about a new set of unverified images suggesting that he exchanged sexually charged messages — and an explicit image — with a woman last summer.


The screenshots of conversations — on the nightlife site The Dirty — could not be independently confirmed. They consist of screenshots of exchanges on Facebook and the lesser-known social network Formspring between a woman (whose avatar is blurred) and a man alleged to be (and who she appears to believe) is Weiner, but who also uses the handle “Carlos Danger.”

The site’s anonymous tipster claims that Weiner continued the correspondence with her at least until August 2012, when Weiner allegedly suggested finding her a Chicago condo where they could meet. The screenshots of the exchanges are undated, however, and whether they could be shown to have taken place before or after Weiner’s 2011 fall — before which he has said he had other, yet undisclosed, online relationships — is a key question.

“Can you hard delete all our chats here,” the person identified as Weiner writes in one chat, in which he also allegedly offered his correspondent help in getting on a Politico blogger panel. “I’m deeply flawed,” he allegedly says in another.

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Imposter Foster
10 years ago

He passes my checklist. That’s a weiner I’d like to have.

10 years ago

Weiner released a statement. He basically said that he told us there could be more stuff to come out and that some would be true and some wouldn’t and that he is moving forward.

10 years ago

I don’t like Weiner. I feel much worse about Spitzer, even though Spitzer was a hypocrite. Spitzer did more to try and keep Wall St in line than anyone. It was ultimately his undoing.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago

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