“It’s Not Discrimination To Not Have HIV+ Performers In The Industry.. It’s A Safety Thing” Brett Rossi

Oct 24, 2017
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For the last few weeks, people have been going back forth on social media about California Gov. Jerry Brown signing SB 239,  a bill lowering the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without first disclosing one’s status from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Before you read any further, you  just ask yourself one question;

Would you knowingly have sex with a person who is HIV + if you yourself weren’t HIV positive?

Pretty sure most of you said NO..

It seems that both APAC and FSC is in support of  SB239:

The troubling thing about that is both APAC and FSC are looked upon as the 2 groups who are tasked with speaking for both companies and performers.  Taking a stand on something like this, either way, is out of line..

Unless both APAC and FSC talked to EVERY SINGLE person attached to the adult industry, they should stay neutral..Otherwise it looks like the entire industry is on board with this stupid SB239.. You think AHF isn’t taking notes on this, regardless of their position on the topic?

Both APAC and FSC have eluded to “stigma” and have both thrown in the prized noun “sex worker.” APAC saying among other things that the HIV law negatively effects sex workers.

Not sure how, and I dont care, if you have HIV you shouldn’t be fucking ANYONE, unless they know your status.

When I do a google search for people arrested for not disclosing status, not one female showed up until page 6, all the rest were men and doubtful they were “sex workers”..

Laws are in place to protect others, like drunk driving, breaking that law often leads to injuring or killing others, if you drive drunk and hurt someone else, it’s a felony.. The same way it should be if you fuck around and not tell the person your with your HIV status.

Below are some of the tweets Brett Rossi made in regards to this, probably the only one I know who can actually speak on the topic based on first hand knowledge..


Brett Rossi Tweets


From our DMs:

“All these people act like they fucking know anything is a joke tho”

“I LIVED it. I took prep before it was a “thing” and it costs about 10k a month do have a 30 day supply. The side affects are atrocious and affect the quality of your daily life. I also worked with magic johnsons doctors so… I’m pretty sure they knew what the fuck they were doing. I learned more than any of these jsckasses will ever know simply because I lived it”

“I washed someone I loved struggle with living with HIV. The side affects to the medication physically, mentally, etc. to compare it to Zika is insulting to those who have it. However, a person has the right the choose if they want to get involved with someone who has a life altering disease they could possibly become infected with. It’s not fair to pigeon hole someone into it”

“Also, everyone keeps talking about the HIV+ individual and if THEIR viral loads are down. They fail to think about the negative person. Did you know the number one thing, besides being on prep, that my doctors pushed? Keeping a healthy and strong immune system because no matter what, you immune system is the most important thing.”

“It’s not discrimination to not have HIV+ performers in the industry… its a safety thing. For even HIV+ people. Most don’t die from the end stages of HIV (aids), they die because they get sick and their bodies are already weak from constantly fighting HIV that something like Gonorreah or chlamydia could be deadly”

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3 years ago

Well, it is hip to be supporting a cause these days, not that the cause matters, just so long as you fight the evil empire of oppression at every turn. Not sure which is scarier, the actual disease or the word HIV/AIDS in cap locks. Either way, consider me a bigot when it comes to HIV performers.

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