NPR finally acknowledges the problem of campus sex assault hysteria

Oct 16, 2015
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It’s taken five years, but National Public Radio finally seems to recognize the consequences of campus sexual assault hysteria.

NPR finally acknowledges the problem of campus sex assault hysteria

In an article titled “For students accused of campus rape, legal victories win back rights,” NPR describes how the pendulum has swung against accused students.

“As colleges crack down on sexual assault, some students complain that the schools are going too far and trampling the rights of the accused in the process,” wrote Tovia Smith. “In recent months, courts around the nation have offered some of those students significant victories, slamming schools for systems that are stacked against the accused.”

One student who spoke to NPR said “Once you are accused, you’re guilty.” Another told the station that “We used to not be fair to women on this issue,” but now, “we’re on the other extreme, not being fair to guys.”

NPR spoke to a University of California-San Diego student who recently had his expulsion ruled “unfair” by a state judge. “Schools are overcorrecting,” he said. “People like me are always getting hurt.”

He wasn’t allowed to present at his hearing text messages between himself and his accuser showing that she willingly came over to his place prior to the event and continued to hang out with him, text him, party with him and study with him after the alleged assault. He was also unable to ask pertinent questions during his hearing that would have harmed her case.

“I was so angry because that was really my sole opportunity to defend myself,” he told NPR. He added that he was “ecstatic” when the judge ruled in his favor.

And while it’s great that NPR is starting to see how badly the pendulum has swung against accused students, it’s important to remember who started the media hysteria in the first place: NPR.

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