OC Modeling’s Ricky Johnson says Hussie Models is “The best agency in the Business” LOL WTF #Moron #CaliforniaTalentAgencyAct

Apr 19, 2023
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This is the most absurd thing I’ve seen in along time..Poop orgies and cunt bags fall under a different category.

So Ricky Johnson, longtime talent for Sandra at OC, has been brought on board Hussie Models as an agent, this according to a press release that landed in my email yesterday.

“I’m extremely excited to join Hussie as an agent. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I wrote in an article about starting an agency being one of my next endeavors, and Riley happened to have read the article and reached out about me joining Hussie as an agent if interested. I was indeed interested, and the rest is history,” said Johnson, who is located in Los Angeles but will manage performers in major industry hubs such as Florida and Las Vegas as well.

Let me the first to say Ricky will fit right in with the other women beaters on the Hussie roster.

“For those with agents or who feel they need one in the industry, I believe an agent is integral in helping à performer navigate properly in this business, and is someone who should have a performer’s best interest. I intend to help those that join progress in this industry and as a person to the best of my abilities. Hussie is arguably the best agency in the business, and I’m honored they are bringing me along.”

So let me see if I understand the arc here.

Ricky, who’s been on the OC roster for a very long time, said he wanted to start an agency one day. Out of like 12 agencies, the only company to reach out to Ricky about being an agent was Hussie, and because they did, they some how has been elevated to “the best agency in the business”? I mean who cares about the arrests, and the accusations of theft and sexual assault that seem to follow their roster on both coasts. Not important to Ricky, either is the time Riley sold out to the anti-porn documentary “Hot Girls Wanted“. Ricky has never been known for his smarts..

I have a question Mr. Johnson, if in fact Hussie is “the best agency in the business” why aren’t you on their roster? Hussie poaching talent is common, and since they are the best, id think you would of been trying to move away from OC to land that coveted Hussie spot..

Do you think Hussie gives 2 shits about you? Could their intrest in you be they were smart enough to realize you book a fair amount of scenes for Brazzers and could cash in on that by having you as an agent? Which as we all know, but for some reason no one cares, Is a violation of  The California Talent Agency Act

You see you fucking moron, no one cares that you want to try your hand at being an agent, but for you to claim Hussie is even in the top 5, is an insult to anyone who with an IQ over 60. Not to mention insulting to the one person who stood by you thru all the “rumors” pertaining to your anger issues in your personal life, to put it mildly.

And I’m NO Sandra fan

You need to apologize to Mark Spiegler, Derek Hay, Sandra, ATMLA, Tee Reel, Robert and Bud, John at ECT, Shy Love, Jim South, Phil Varone, Scotty from Plush, Prince, Jack Spade, Nina Elle, all of whom are better than Hussie.. and I think Scott from Plush is still in prison..

Anyway Ricky, good luck, im sure you’ll be successful 🙂


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1 year ago

Why the hell is sandra keeping him on the roster? This seems like a COI

1 year ago

didn’t Ricky steal something while on set?

1 year ago

What’s even funnier is that he “represents “ Demi “Sensitive Ass “ Sutra…. Lol. Wish them both the best

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