Only Fans Says Fuck You To OC Modeling

May 1, 2020
Adult Business
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Oc Modeling is notorious for forcing their girls to sign up thru there platforms links.. It’s to the point now where Sandra is making 100s of thousands off the hard work of others…When the girl leaves OC, Sandra still gets that skrilla..

Only fans decided enough was enough

Now, I’m sure this was put into place for several reasons,. first being the amount of money it was ave Only fans, and second, it will cut down on the Sandra’s of the world taking advantage of naive girls…

Now, prepare for a 6000 word dissertation by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum about this very topic, under the guise they are sex work advocates, but more like, they wanna have sex with you #YOUTOO

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1 year ago

i would say it’s more to do with OF wanting that % than anything else - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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