Ottawa eyes Nordic Model for prostitution legislation

Feb 27, 2014
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Ottawa eyes Nordic model

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is soliciting public opinion about the sale and purchase of sex by adults.

Although its online consultation is hardly over, Ottawa is seen to favour the so-called Nordic model used in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

Vancouver lawyers Elin Sigurdson and Georgialee Lang agree that the Conservative government looks keen on going after buyers of sex and pimps, not the prostitutes.

This follows last year’s Supreme Court of Canada decision that invalidated criminal prohibitions against communicating in public for the purpose of prostitution, living off the avails, and brothels.

Sigurdson and Lang represented opposing sides in that case. They’re likely to be in the same position again if the government embraces the Nordic approach.

Ottawa eyes Nordic model

Evangelicals retained Georgialee Lang to try to uphold three prostitution laws.

“Our clients think that the policy of criminalizing clients or johns is going to create exactly the same harms that existed under the laws that were struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada,” Sigurdson told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview.

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
10 years ago

And once more the self-styled “progressives” who ginned up the idiocy of “The Nordic Model” join forces with right-wing religious fanatics who are anti-choice and regard homosexuality as an abomination that can be cured through prayer. This particular faction of feminist hasn’t much to say about wage discrimination, the under-representation of women in governing bodies and on corporate boards or even the disgracefully high incidence of sexual harassment and sexual assault to which women serving the the military here and in Canada are subjected. To them, getting rid of sex commerce, even at the cost of priorities like reproductive justice… Read more »


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