Owner Forced To Sell Mansion When Neighbors Prove It Is A Nightclub

Jun 24, 2013
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The owners of a $2.9m mansion have been forced to put their home up for sale — after neighbors claimed they had turned it into a nightclub.

As many as 600 people would attend the parties at the stunning six bedroom mansion where lap dances were offered for $50, according to court documents.

Drinks were being sold and a valet car parking operation put in force outside the home. Guests had to sign a waiver form before being allowed entry and were frisked at the door for weapons by security guards.

One party was advertised on the radio and attracted hundreds of guests after being billed as a ‘Mega Mansion Pool Party.’

Neighbors successfully took out a restraining order against Pamela Verbal after they convinced a judge that she was running a business from her home in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Verbal denied that she was running a commercial activity and claimed she was being picked on because she was black and most of her guests were black.

‘I feel like the neighbors are targeting me because I am black. My neighbors have stereotyped my guests,’ she said.

‘My parties only became a problem after my guests were predominantly black.

Neighbors told local TV that they objected to the 15,244 sq foot mansion being used as a party venue.

They said they had suspicions that the house was not going to be occupied by a family when they found out it did not have a mailbox or doorbell.

Within weeks of Verbal moving in parties were being held every weekend, often ending in the early hours of the morning, neighbors claimed.

Neighbor Shawn MacArthur said he walked over to a housewarming party he was invited to and found out valet parking was being offered at $45.

He said inside drinks were being served at $10 and $12 and there was a strong smell of marijuana.

‘I know what marijuana smells like, and it was definitely that,’ MacArthur said.

MacArthur added he was approached by a young woman who ‘asked if I wanted to have a private dance and more for $250.’

‘I left that party and haven’t been back to another one since then,’ MacArthur said.

Court documents filed as part of the restraining order reveal that tickets for the parties cost between $10 and $100.

The documents also say the parties included drugs, private dances, bottle service, cash bars and private cabanas.

One party was broadcast on North Carolina hip-hop station K97.5.

Wayne Cohoe, who lives across from the ‘Mansion,’ testified that guests of Pamela Verbal’s parties and their music were ‘extremely loud, degrading, obnoxious, offensive to human decency and to the adults and children living in the surrounding homes.’

He said the parties are a violation of multiple neighborhood covenants, including using the home as a business and being a nuisance in the neighborhood.

His wife,who did not want to give her name, said they attended the housewarming in July 2102 and took a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ card.

When they arrived they were asked to fill out a waiver form.


‘We found this odd, but we complied,’ she said. ‘We stated we were Pam’s neighbors and asked if this was really necessary. [We] were told, “Yes’ it was ‘mandatory.'”

Once inside the home, the Cohoes said they were ‘startled to see voluptuous women…specifically hired for the event, prancing around in high heels and skimpy bikinis.’

‘There were women kissing, fondling each other and grinding up against each other,’ Wayne Cohoe’s wife said.

‘There were lots of attractive women literally pouring alcohol down other females’ throats while standing in the pool.’

The Home Owners Association filed a lawsuit against Pamela Verbal, and a Superior Court judge ordered that she can no longer host the parties or have more than five guests in her home at a time.

The order bans Verbal from using her home for commercial purposes or ‘engaging in conduct that would be a nuisance, annoyance, obnoxious or offensive to violate the quiet enjoyment of surrounding property.’

Verbal says she’s done nothing wrong and ‘all allegations are false.’

‘There has not been one report of illegal activity at my home,’ she told WNCN.

‘Have I had parties? Absolutely. Have you seen my home?

‘Have the parties been loud and outrageous? No. My guests have enjoyed my home as well.’

Property records show that the home is owned by Verbal’s ex-husband who lists his business as a party promoter.

While the house was being built the owner of a party promotion company called Casanova Entertainment posted a photo of the home and referred to it as his ‘masterpiece.’

Sanjay Matai wrote under the photo: ‘Come play at ‘The Metropolis’ — my 22,000 square feet, 5.7 Million dollar masterpiece will unveil this June,’ the photo’s caption reads.

An investigation by the local TV station WSAV revealed that Verbal had served 15 months in jail for tax fraud.

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