Petition: Remove str8upgayporn Affiliate Accounts NOW

May 28, 2015
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I don’t think this petition should be limited to content producers or the gay side of the industry. Sadly we still live in world full of judgmental people and because of this some people can’t be open about what they do, whether it be owning a website or shooting content. It’s usually the pussies who can’t go toe to toe that hide in their little corner and out whomever they have an issue with. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not, this is an issue that affects everyone.

When you cut off someones cash flow they usually find a way to come around.


Retweet this petition, if you don’t want to tweet my link, tweet the petition link only..

There comes a time when we need to speak in one voice, and stand up for each other.

Zach Sire, who writes the str8upgayporn blog, which is owned by Davyd Dixon, has  published a lengthy article in which he outs the owner of He uses his full name 28 times and links to his personal Facebook page. His clear intent is to get google traffic and ruin his life. He even says in his article that he hopes the Thailand justice system will be kind to him (where he could face criminal charges now).

His clear intent is to ruin his competitor’s life. Why? Because QMN won the “best blog” Grabby Award and Zach did not.

This sets a horrendous precedent in our industry and aligns Zach more with PWL than any legitimate news source for our industry. We have a code of ethics that is very clear: despite all our differences and competitiveness, we do NOT out each other’s real identities. Doing so violates the core of our industry, and puts us all at tremendous risk, especially people like the man who runs QMN, who live in foreign countries.

Zach says that by appearing on stage that night, QMN has done this to himself. Every major pornstar appeared on that stage. Does Zach now have the right to publish all of their legal names, link to their Facebook accounts, etc…? Do we need to live in fear forever more because of this?

We need to stand together NOW and take action. Cut off all revenue streams to str8upgayporn

We don’t care how much money you make from his blog. None of it is worth sending a message that this is OK in any way, shape or form.

We hope you decide to do what is right here and cut all ties with this man and his blog.


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