Phoenix Cops Warn Of Naked Crime Spree

Jul 6, 2012
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Police are warning of a naked crime wave sweeping Arizona after four nude men have been arrested in just the past two weeks.

‘We have had some bizarre incidents. They are driving vehicles, hijacking vehicles, wild things, and they have no clothes on,’ Officer James Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department told KTVK.

The arrests are just a dimple of incidents popping up across the United States but that has specifically prompted an alert by local police in the state’s capital.

‘Generally speaking, every time you run into a naked man, there is some kind of illicit narcotic,’ Officer Holmes warned of the potential danger between citizens and the alleged offenders.

Naked crime spree: Michael Wofford, left, allegedly got naked and stood on a car after causing two crashes while Michael Wofford, right, ran naked around an apartment complex shouting and scaring people.

‘I wouldn’t approach naked people running around the streets of Phoenix,’ he advised after a driver without pants on crashed a Budget rental truck into a home on July 4 before fleeing – leaving behind his wallet and ID.

That unidentified man was believed by police to have been high on drugs though the results of a drug test were not immediately available.

As Lloyd Vacovsky, Director of Assisted Recovery Centers of America explains, bath salt abusers do have a tendency to take their clothes off.

‘It increases body temperature. So especially in the summer, it impacts people even more, especially in Arizona,’ he told KTVK.

Mr Vacovsky said his center has recently seen a 100 per cent increase in bath salt abusers for treatment.

Adding to the arrests, one day earlier on July 3 in Oklahoma, Michael Wofford, 33, allegedly ran naked around an apartment complex assaulting people and proclaiming he was God.

He demanded women give him oral sex and was later found to be high on PCP.

On June 29, police in Arizona also made two arrests of nude drivers.

According to police John Brigham was under the influence of PCP when he caused two car wrecks – jumping on top of one while naked to yell indecipherable chants – and also carjacked a Prius.

Calvin Forrey, an admitted bath salts user according to police, was also nude when he allegedly stole and crashed a Jeep.

Forrey later died with toxicology reports pending.

Just 10 miles east of Phoenix in the Tempe Town Lake, cooling off and evading capture for more than an hour on June 20, a naked man named Chris Brown was fished out and into police custody after found possessing drug paraphernalia.


July 4: Man without pants crashes Budget rental truck into Phoenix home before fleeing scene.

July 3: Michael Wofford runs around Oklahoma apartment complex naked while on PCP.

June 29: John Brigham causes two car wrecks outside Phoenix before getting naked and jumping on a vehicle.

June 29: Calvin Forrey steals and crashes a Jeep while naked. Forrey was a known bath salts user.

June 20: Chris Brown evades capture for over an hour while swimming naked from police in a Phoenix lake.

June 17: New mother Carla Murphy smokes bath salts in a Pennsylvania maternity ward before stripping and attacking staff and police.

Three days earlier on June 17, new mother Carla Murphy of Altoona, Pennsylvania smoked a synthetic bath salt and went on to strip completely naked and assault the staff at the maternity ward where she had given birth two days earlier.

She tried to bite a cop who was restraining her in order for staff to put her clothes back on, a local paper wrote.

The Phoenix accident had no reported injuries, although witness reports indicate that this was pure luck.


Source:  MailOnline

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