Porn Stars React to the Badoink Performer ID Photo Scandal

Nov 1, 2014
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Porn Stars React To The Badoink Performer ID Photo Scandal

Last week, TRPWL reported that the adult website Badoink had posted government issued ID photos for 25 performers, placing them side by side with their professional modeling photos.

Much of the commentary that accompanied the photos was mocking and cruel. The photos were cropped versions of the performer’s personal IDs. and had been provided per the requirements of federal laws regarding performer age verification. Badoink did not respond to TRPWL‘s request for comment, and quickly took the story down.

The situation caught the attention of journalist EJ Dickson of The Daily Dot, who wrote a story about it, noting that some of the performers may have been underage in their ID photos. Dickson received a snarky, pompous response from Badoink’s CEO, Todd Glider.

Gilder did not feel that Badoink had done anything wrong.

Dickson’s story was published on Monday, and on Tuesday Badoink reposted its story, with the ID photos censored and numerous comments removed, including one referring to a performer being 16 in her ID photo.

TRPWL spoke with several of the performers affected. Two comment below, and several have informed us they are currently speaking to attorneys. We have redacted the ID photos out of respect for the performers.

Ash Hollywood Ash Hollywood - ID redacted Ash Hollywood told TRPWL, “It’s a huge breach of trust” and “In a way it’s flattering; I guess I’m enough of a top porn star to get picked on.”

She confirms her pic is her Driver’s License, provided for 2257 purposes only, and states that she was of age in the pic. “When I do a shoot, I hand over a copy of my driver’s license with the trust that they will keep my information safe. Somebody took the time to crop it, but the picture is private.”

She adds, “The other pic they used is awful, too.” As for the commentary included with the pics, she says”What they wrote about me could be taken either way, but when I read what they wrote about the other girls I was embarrassed for them.”

Hollywood’s parting thoughts on the guys from Badoink: “No one can hate you as much as you hate yourself; don’t take it out on porn stars.”

August Ames August Ames - ID redeactedAugust Ames wasn’t aware of the Badoink post until TRPWL drew her attention to it.

Ames shot for Badoink fairly recently — within the last two months. She says that the shoot, with male talent Van Wylde, “went fine”, but she’s “pissed off” about what they did with her ID photo.

The adult star confirms that the private photo Badoink published of her was taken from her Arizona state-issued ID card.

“It’s not just that they put the photos up, they added those comments,” she says. “They were obviously just putting this up to embarrass us. It shows what they think of the talent.”

Ames says she is especially disappointed because she retweeted their stuff and showed support for the company.

Ames echoes the position of Ash Hollywood and the other performers to whom we spoke: the pic was only provided as a 2257 requirement, and “they did not have my permission at all to publish it.”

“Sometimes makeup artists take photos,” Ames told TRPWL, “and at least they have the decency to ask if they can take before and after pics.”

“I won’t be shooting for them again.”


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Porn Stars React To The Badoink Performer ID Photo Scandal | Adult WIkiMedia
7 years ago

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Terri Redor
7 years ago

Badoink – fucked up misogynist industry (!) trolls. They need to be locked out by reputable agencies and given all the bad publicity they deserve. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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