Prop 60 Supporter Mike South Wants You To Give Him Money

Dec 5, 2016
Adult Business News
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A few weeks ago, Mike South real name Michael Thomas Strother was sued for defamation. His 15 years of lying finally catching up with him, he has resorted to a GoFundMe to help raise legal fees . The irony here is he’s asking the same people he fucked over time and time again for help..

It wasn’t to long ago that Mike South endorsed AHF’s Prop60. For those with short term memories, that was the bill in California that would of made it legal for anyone to sue a pornstar caught not using condoms, Yes, Mike South the guy who shots sporadically at Atlanta area Motel 6’s endorsed a bill that required Californian sex workers to to use condoms.  But please, give Mike South your money.





Who could forget that time, I mean all those times Mike South outed performers who also escort..  Makes total sense, after all, Mike South not only cruises the streets looking for hookers, he also charges johns a fee to star in his low rent Bukkake scenes..Yes, i believe that’s almost like pimping..But please, give Mike South your money.



How could we forget all the times Mike South called most porners stupid. Repeatedly talking down to performers, he would take to his blog and lecture everyone, explaining how he was right and your were stupid, once stating “Porners could learn an awful lot from AHF “.. But please, give Mike South your money.

And we certainly can’t forget the time Mike South promoted Shelley Lubben, even going as far as to link to her.. Shelley, for those that dont know, is a failed pornstar scammer who created The Pink Cross, a for profit non profit tasked with trashing porn and blaming every negative thing in the world on porn.  But please, give Mike South your money.

And there was that time South openly endorsed/promoted Union Scammer Phyllisha Anne.  Her list of misdeeds it to long to list. One thing she did do was sign onto AHF’s prop60 movement. Not only did she not have the authority to do so but she also did it behind the backs of the few members the Union had.. A court ruling later had her signature removed.. But please, give Mike South your money.


And if those things don’t make you say hmmm, Mike South is also friends with accused rapist, thief, and drug addict Scott Ohanian, owner of Plush talent..Even once openly lying for him about being licensed.  He also told performer Katja Kassin that he had checked Scott out and he was a good guy…But please, give Mike South your money


Truth is, Mike South has endorsed just about everything that’s detrimental to the adult industry.. He blogs with total disregard for the truth, making shit up as he goes, never verifying anything. He covers his lies with the word source, when in reality his source is himself..The guy literally never gets it right…Now, he’s asking the very group of people he’s attacked over the years for money..Showing people how stupid he really is.

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Meredith Paralegal
Meredith Paralegal
4 years ago

If you happen to work even part time at any law firm you can see the complaint to its entirety from any state. This case is interesting. Saw Mike South Go fund me statement header and after reading that statement and some of what he tweets and Blogs about it is likely Mike is about to make a big money grab on this GoFundMe donations and seems likely to bolt.and scam Firstly the cause to seek remedy by the plaintiff is not what Mike is implying is the root of the petition. Perhaps he is just mistaken. In Georgia I… Read more »

Save South's Dog
Save South's Dog
4 years ago

Is that a picture of him kissing a dog? Thought that kind of porn wasn’t legal

Altruistic Behavior
Altruistic Behavior
4 years ago

I bet Mike South gets two more law suits before this even gets started. Each time he opens his mouth and post stupid random bullshit he gets kicked by a sturdy Bull. Look at this POS boasting and GoFundMe mantra about representation by a lawyer who really wants nothing to do with him.

The Ghost of Tom South
The Ghost of Tom South
4 years ago

I’m guessing Tom South, err I mean Mike South, long ago shot that dog in the back of the head, then fried him up with some squirrel bits.

I also note that in its first day, his fundraising campaign has seen $0 raised. Zero. The mainstream sources that were hoodwinked by his friend Adella into thinking that he was a respected member of the adult community should take note: THIS GoFundMe is an excellent yardstick to measure exactly what porners think of him.

4 years ago

Boy, it seems all that “95% Reckoning” he does finally brought about his Day of Reckoning. Poor old coot.

If he winds up selling his site, before it gets seized, my bid is $37, a field dressed woodchuck, 8 cans of Golden Anniversary Light, and my VHS copy of that porn Snoop Dogg directed about 15yrs ago.

Pax Romana
Pax Romana
4 years ago

Hey Mike Looks like I fucked yahh over real good and dandy huh? Me and Sandra McCarthy the great bullshitter are skilled at fine the art of being a bullshit artist. At this level of Bullshit it requires team effort and constant repetition be be so skilled at it too. WHO’S NEXT ??? I have always greeted my low end stable of D list talents with the following upfront greetings ” Hi i am Shy Love and I will make you famous like me The Buck Tooth scammer. Never Mind Mike South he always writes whatever I tell him poor… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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