Prostitutes Weigh in on Penis Size

Feb 20, 2014
Sex Talk
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To put it mildly, men are entirely obsessed with the size of their penis. Particularly how their penis size compares to the measurements of other men and whether or not a female will consider their penis long and thick enough for quality sexual activity.


There are numerous charts and graphs detailing penis size available online. It seems that at least once per year another study surfaces with the latest penile averages, so that men can break out the measuring tape and make sure that their schlong favorably compares. If a guy finds himself short, he can opt to join the growing number of men going under the knife to enlarge their penis surgically.

Some claim that a man’s obsession with the size of his reproductive organ can be blamed on the plethora of easily accessible porn that prominently showcases men of over average size thrusting about, or the relentless email spam advertising “male enhancement” products. It’s more likely, however, that this preoccupation with penis size is related to a lack of sex education.

Where can men turn to discover the real truth about penis size and to finally receive the answer to the age old question “Does size matter?” Well, there is one demographic that has more experience with penises than every physician, university researcher, and Cosmopolitan correspondent combined: prostitutes!

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