“PWL Army Leader” Silver Slugger

Jul 17, 2011
Adult Business News
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“Silver Slugger” (medellincartel1@earthlink.net) is probably the most disturbing character on PWL. He has +2.000 logs in the wiki and at least 15 user accounts on the forum with +2.750 posts we are aware of (PWL stopped logging IPs end of May/beginning of June).
Silver Slugger immediately attacked every female poster and posted personal info when they edited their own wikis, posted on the forum or tweeted negatively about Donny Long and Porn Wikileaks. This guy is the poster boy for cyber stalkers.
His “masterpiece” is the Monica Foster wiki – other targets were Mariah Milano, BonoOne, James Jameson, Alia Starr’s bf, Kelly Shore, Michael Vegas, Mark Spiegler, Mike South, ChristianX.

Slugger has a huge hatred towards ADT moderator BonoOne and inspired Coke Stevenson for his wiki name “Boner Montior”.

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vengence is mine
vengence is mine
12 years ago

If you’re ever forwarded an addy and name, please post it. I’ve got a lot of boys in D-town!

12 years ago

There are a few common denominators in the pwl mods and posters. All seem to suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder, [MPD] all seem to have a ridiculous amount of spare time to spend online posting their nonsense [e.g. none of them have real lives to live] and of course the obvious traits of being racist, misogynistic, and, judging from their ramblings, they are not very well educated.

Mark Felt
Mark Felt
12 years ago

You’d think it would have been Homocop out of Detroit, not Semen Chugger.

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