PWL Mod Gigolo Code Aka Markus Destin Aka Markus Bestin

Jul 13, 2011
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You know whats fun? When Donny and his 5 man army tweet my SS# to the twitter world and tell everyone to get credit in my name…Of course it doesn’t work because i have lifelock and monitor my credit, lets sing the free credit report song…lol anyway we do have you guys SS#s as well..I just don’t post them..YET

I have blanked some stuff for now….


PWL User names: Markus Destin, Markus D,
PWL Moderator name: GIGOLO CODE
Male Prostitute Name: Markus Destin a.k.a. Markus Bestin
(real name Patrick L. Norton) a.k.a. LukeIsBack poster “bahamute”
Here’s his Twitter:
DOB: 05/02/1984
Gender: M
SSN: 424-33-blanked

Driver’s License: 7184***
Driver State: AL
Address: 23087 AL HWY 157, TOWN CREEK, AL 35672
Phone: (256) 685-9939

highschool: Hatton High School, class of 2002

Benjy Norton – DAD
Ashmore Cir
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661-5231
Age: 55-59

Laura P Willis – Dad’s GF/Wife?
Ashmore Cir
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661-5231
Age: 40-44
Tuscumbia, AL (2010)
PHn for Muscle shoals address: (256) 446-8845
Links about him:

It APPEARS he’s the one who outed Derrick Burts / Cameron Reed as Patient Zeta on PWL, presumably because they were both represented by OC Modeling at the time (late last year).

It looks as if he posts as Reed, then logs out, logs in as himself, and then repeats to create the “conversation.” I can’t confirm this, but it looks that way.

He’s the erstwhile male performer (like Donny, he too is a bitter porn wash-out) who went to work at a Nevada brothel (Shady Lady Ranch) as a “certified gigolo” but reportedly had almost no takers (one published article stated he had “fewer than 10? customers in two months).Nonetheless, Destin has compared himself to Rosa Parks in that he too was “a pioneer” in the sex industry.

In November 2010, he turned up (and commented ad nauseum) at the UCLA Condoms in Porn panel where Shelley Lubben, people from UCLA, and LA County Dept of Public Health (including the author of the “scientifically invalid” porn STI numbers, Dr. Peter Kerndt) and AHF’s Whitney Engeran-Cordova had been invited to appear.

Also in attendance were Cal/OSHA staff; Tim Tritch; and the asshole who reportedly later showed up at an adult performer’s home with a phlebotomist (and no warrant) demanding a blood sample.

This was a panel that was publicized by very few people but Shelley Lubben, and later by Darrah Ford. Tim Tritch says HE received a flyerfor the panel via email, and forwarded it off to Cindi, who posted it here on LIB, but that was pretty much at the last minute. Even AVN and FSC didn’t know about the event until I informed them after reading of it on Lubben’s website.

But there was Destin, hobnobbing with the anti-porn cabal and the fringe dwellers desperately seeking relevance.

More recently, in the wake of AIM’s closure, ol’ Markus tried to bullshit his way into the FSC performers’ meeting at Skirball Center in L.A. (allegedly as a PWL mole) but was turned away.

This guy is a male prostitute LOL

Check out his facebook about patrick section:
“About Patrick Okay guy I learned my lesson please stop it now okay I wont gay bash anymore Ive learned my lesson sorry”

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John Galt
John Galt
13 years ago

He’s already on PWL today, mocking you, Sean. Says he rides the bus, big deal that you have his driver’s license. These guys are so fucking STUPID. Has anyone called his family like PWL does to others?

13 years ago

Mr. Tompkins, regarding XXXfilmjobs being down. I’m not sure how that all works but ***** must have been billing his customers for that. I’m thinkin that the biller will continue to bill *****’s members even though the site is down unless the biller knows that the site is down. So you may want to inform them that the site is down so the earlier they shut down his billing, the better.

Donald Carlos Seoane's Perpetually Unused Toilet Paper
Donald Carlos Seoane's Perpetually Unused Toilet Paper
12 years ago

All joking aside, this guy has possibly the most UGLY looking face I’ve ever seen. I genuinely am shocked every time I see it. He looks like a neanderthal with Downs Syndrome, and just look at his mouth, LOL. Total mouth-breather. There’s also another pic of him around where he’s smiling, and WOW – dude desperately needs a dental plan. I still am completely dumbfounded that someone so unattractive could get a job as a sex worker, but then again he utterly failed at it, so there’s still some sanity left in the world. I just showed his picture to… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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