Racist Gia Love Needs 3.5 Million For A New House

Jun 24, 2019
Adult Business
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This is great! Gia Love, who once famously tweeted she wanted wanted to buy cocaine from someone who wasn’t black, has managed to find a way to have TRPWL make fun of her not once, but twice.

Lol. A 3 million dollar fundraiser.

Wonder if she’s gonna take money from black folks?

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Shawna Lenee
3 years ago

I think I saw on her Twitter that the twins were one month apart?! I didn’t want to question her.. maybe I misread. I did some basic online research and its not impossible for twins to be a couple weeks apart (if a woman ovulates twice before a period, I guess). But.. the twins are a month apart?! Again, maybe I just misread something? Confused about this tweet she wrote: “No I don’t know what gender they are, but one is. Month behind the other.” I’m legit confused.

1 year ago

Begging for other people to pay for things is a great way to prove you’re a fit mother.

Jesus what is wrong with some people? You want a house? Get a fucking job and earn the money. Dear lord.

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