Republicans HATE Sex Workers? The FSC Thinks So.. #FOSTA #SESTA

Jul 24, 2019
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In the 8 years I’ve been around, the constant political theme has always been Republicans hates sex workers, and liberals love them. Most people forget that the real attacks on porn over the last 8 years have been lead by Democrats.

AHF’s Michael Weinstein used his left leaning non-profit to bribe sex workers with giftcards, then used the info gleaned from the girls in an attempt to put condoms on the whole industry..  When that failed, he then financially supported a Democrat assemblyman named Isadore Hall, from Compton.

Isadore then sponsored AB1576,  He did so because apparently pornstars were running around Compton banging the Crips without condoms…Why else would someone from Compton sponsor a condom bill?  Maybe Hall blamed porn stars for Eazy E’s death and this was his way of getting them back?  Or maybe AHF gave him money.


Eric, the world is a cruel place. Entering the country ILLEGALLY is deserved of cruel treatment..See Eric, there needs to be what the french call a “deterrent”. There should always be consequences, I know you shit head liberals want everything served up nice and clean, but thats not the real world, the real world has rules, if you don’t follow them, you get punished…

Anyway, this morning, Porns 3rd best publicist sent out a PR. Normally I don’t read PRs, but this was from Brian Gross,  he constantly splits infinitives, and for a grammatical god such as myself, I find humor in that.

This particular PR was for a company called “Slixa”, and it used the sex workers trigger word,  FOSTA/SESTA. I know I know, those are acronyms, but for most of the talent pool, they’re words that signify the end of humanity, like Global warming to a hippie, it’s bad..

After a few chuckles at Brians expense, I realized this PR was basically taking aim at H.R. 2219 (115th): End Banking for Human Traffickers Act of 2018, a bill which, at least according to Brian Fidel Alowishus Gross, is backed by Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren

That sex workers have been excluded from online payment platforms for years now is not exactly new, however there is a bill which passed the House in April of 2018, and which is backed by Elizabeth Warren, that would take those freeze-outs to a whole new level. According to the brief,  “The legislation would

  • Require the State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP)  reports to include a nation-by-nation analysis of whether each foreign  country has a mechanism to prevent financial transactions from people  accused or suspected of human trafficking.

Stop the presses, isn’t Elizabeth Warren a Democrat? And Native American?  Why would a Native American Millionaire running for President support a bill so detrimental to Sex Workers?  Better yet, would the guy who is supposed to be an Adult Industry leader tell anyone to vote for a specific party regardless of how they stand on the issues?  Eric has claimed in the past that  FOSTA/SESTA is one of the biggest threats to sexworkers/porn people since AHF. Why in the world would he encourage anyone to vote for her?

I’m conservative for the most part, except when it comes to environmental issues, so, I make sure when it comes to my state and local elections to vote for the person who has a strong record on the environment. And by environment, I’m not talking fake global warming, but that’s a story for another day.

H.R. 2219 (115th): End Banking for Human Traffickers Act of 2018 is supported by Democrats, Independents and Republicans, so choose wisely



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