The Rialto Report Podcast — Marty Hodas: King of the Peeps

Jun 30, 2014
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Marty Hodas never directed an adult film. And he never appeared in one either. But he played an important role in creating the sex film industry.

He did this by introducing peep shows with sex films into adult bookstores in New York in the 1960s.

The Rialto Report Podcast -- Marty Hodas: King of the Peeps


Along the way, he took risks. He set laws. He upset the city. He angered the mob. And he made millions.

He changed the face of New York as well; transforming Times Square overnight into a place The New York Times called as “a cesspit of filth – the nation’s centre for the new sex trade”.

For time Marty was all-conquering. He was splashed over the national newspapers. He was described as King of the Peeps. The Merchant of Sleaze. Lord of the Loops. Even Public Enemy Number One.


Newspapers in New York reported that he earned $13m a year at his height.

Not bad for a poor Jewish kid from Brooklyn.

Along the way, he made sex film loops that gave a start to actors such as Linda LovelaceHarry ReemsJamie Gillis, and Darby Lloyd Rains.

So how was one man responsible for all this? How did he build this empire? And what happened when the forces of law and order and the mob both started closing in him?

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Raul J.
Raul J.
8 years ago

Awesome show!


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