Shy Love Gets a LATATA Vote, But Isn’t In LATATA

Oct 8, 2014
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Reported online: “In the end ATMLA is currently out of LATATA by a majority vote”

This is not true. As of right now, the vote is 4 to 4.

Now with that being said, most of us believe that 101 was brought back into LATATA to do what Hay tells them to do. That would make the LATATA vote 5-4 in favor of kicking ATMLA out. That would be the only way that above report could be correct. That would also prove my statement true about Hay having 101 in his back pocket and would further my statements about Shy being a source for another blog.

As of right now, LA Direct, Shy Love, Matrix and LAX (which is run by Shy’s BFF) voted to remove ATMLA.

I’m curious why Shy even has a vote? The VIP Connect isn’t in LATATA. They’re not listed on the website:

Shy Love Gets a LATATA Vote, But Isn't In LATATA

LATATA stands for the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association, Shy might have some trouble with the “licensed” part. There is NO press release announcing The VIP Connect becoming a member.


A press release seems to be the standard when a new member is added… There is NO mention of The VIP Connect anywhere on the LATATA website. No mention of them being in LATATA on ANY website.

When I asked 2 agents they both told me the same thing, Shy was never voted in and her having a vote comes as a surprise to them as well. Shy was acting a “consultant” or at least that’s what certain members of LATATA thought..

So when you do the legit math, ATMLA wins 4 to 3 or at the worst 4-4 once Hay forces 101 to vote.

Shy and Hay want a return to the glory days when they ran the largest, most dominant adult talent agencies… Bottom line.

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[…] A press release seems to be the standard when a new member is added…There is NO mention of the VIP connect any were on the LATATA website..No mention …read more     […]

7 years ago

Shy Love is even committing a crime by working as an agent in California with out a license. It is a felony in California for an agent without a license. This should be brought up as an issue as well. LATATA is nothing anyway. They have no power of any sort, the studios don’t give two shits about them and could care less about them. Most of the studios hate agents anyway. Derek Hay is a scumbag who runs an illegal escort agency also, and it is common knowledge of the shady practices he uses to lure girls into… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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