Siouxsie Q Hosting Femme Domme Fatale’s “Pulp Friction” this Saturday in Hollywood

Feb 14, 2018
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Bella Bathory, Siouxsie Q, Jamé Elis,

Siouxsie Q will be hosting the upcoming Femme Domme Fatale show, Pulp Friction, this Saturday at Club Bar Sinister in Hollywood. The one-night event celebrates the birthday of show producer, Bella Bathory, and pays tribute to powerful Hollywood women who survived on the Miramax battlefields and brought Tarantino’s crown jewels to life.

 “While mainstream actresses have historically felt the need to remind the world of how different they are from women like Bella and myself, since hearing Uma Thurman’s account of her time on set with Quentin Tarantino and behind closed doors with Harvey Weinstein, I have been haunted by how similar the predicaments we find ourselves in can be,” said Siouxsie Q. “Feeling unsafe on set isn’t something any performer should be faced with, and yet so many of us have experienced that pressure to deliver a performance, even when our safety is on the line.” 

Pulp Friction is a one-night Femme Domme Fatale event featuring Bella Bathory, Siouxsie Q, Jamé Elis, and legendary adult film star Ash Hollywood. The post-Valentine’s Day show will also welcome back three-time XBIZ Award winner Michael Vegas for a breathtaking midnight fire performance. 

The Femme Domme Fatale crew will be donating proceeds from their on-stage foot worship and spanking booth that evening to Abeni, an organization creating a safe, confidential space for those working in the Orange County sex trades, as well as those being domestically sex trafficked. With an emphasis on harm reduction and support services for those working the spectrum of sex work in Orange County, they have continued to fill gaps where other service providers or organizations either could not or would not. For more information, visit their site at 

“The opportunity for Abeni to partner with other sex workers and celebrate the strength, power, and resilience of women is incredibly exciting for us,” said Abeni founder Meg Munoz. “To be further enabled to pour back into those who come to us for support is a gift. As women in an already marginalized, stigmatized, criminalized industry, using the very tools of our work and play to subvert the system and support each other are icing on the cake.” 

“In the wake of the stream of new information that has come to light about Tarantino’s character, there was a moment I considered canceling the show entirely,” explained Pulp Friction producer Bella Bathory. “I think it’s incredibly important as these stories continue to surface in the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement to not completely cast aside these bodies of work, but to shift our focus towards lifting up the women who made them.” 

“May the names of their abusers be swiftly forgotten and the celluloid evidence of these women’s survival be remembered as the war stories they are,” added Q. “The creative work done by each actress to embody these femme fatale archetypes is nothing short of channeling the divine, and what better way to usher in a new year for Femme Domme Fatale and a new era of accountability and action for those who use their power to exploit and abuse women with an evening of redemption rituals set in a newly renovated Tarantino universe.” 

“Without women like Uma Thurman, men like Tarantino would be nothing,” Bathory continued. “We need to tell women that they are valued, that they have the power to make these men, and they can rescind that power when it’s no longer safe. Women are the most powerful beings on this planet, and I look forward to celebrating that with this show.”

 Club Bar Sinister is located at 1652 N. Cherokee Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Pulp Friction will be held on February 17, 2018, from 10pm-2am. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door.


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