Sizi Sev Says Her Iphone Can No Longer “Read Her Brain”

Mar 29, 2024
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LOL What? Apparently Sizi’s Iphone has been reading her brain for years.

Judging from most of Sezi’s tweets, her Iphone has probably tried to get her 5150’d more than once..

Assuming Iphones are reading brains, imagine what Astrid Star‘s iphone is going thru.

Using my server room, the one that collect’s everyone’s IP then sells them to the Jewish mob, I was able to access Astrid Iphone 4’s memory bank.. Then one that stores her thoughts.

Lets just say it was worse than anyone thought.

It took the iPhone a few weeks to find Astrids brain frequency, apparently, Apple set the frequency modulating modulator to pick up brainwaves of those whose IQ exceeds 58.  According to the cell phone data, Astrids brain frequency hovered in the mid 4os, therefore rendering her too stupid to monitor.

The Apple techs, never seeing a frequency so low, deployed some new software disguised as an apple update, but Astrids thoughts were so discombobulated the processor burnt up.  The last Apple message to make it to HQ was was Astrid wondering if she could light a meth pipe by rubbing two pencils together.

Trust me when I say I’m just as disappointed as you. My only hope is Apple can get back into her Iphone.. I need to know what actually happens in her head

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23 days ago

LOL!! This great! I’d expect nothing less from her. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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