Announces Worldwide Roku Availability

Sep 7, 2014
Press Release
0 0 has announced that its SkweezMe Roku Channel is now available worldwide.

“Our goal has always been to get SkweezMe on TV’s in everyone’s homes,” claimed co-founder Mike Kulich. “With the exception of Live Sports, Cable and Satellite TV are a thing of the past in my opinion. Streaming is the way of the future and a couple who wants to watch an adult film together to spice up things in the bedroom do not want to sit in bed with a laptop, phone, or tablet.”


According to GFK which is a worldwide leader in market and consumer information, a study conducted in late 2013 indicated that 51% percent of people in the United States watched a streaming video at least once a week during 2013. That’s up from 37 percent in 2010 and from 48 percent in 2012. Streaming has now reached the tipping point. officially launched its Roku channel in February, 2014 and quickly rose to become one of the rated highest channels on, a website that rates a reviews different Adult Roku Channels.

“We immediately saw an increase in memberships once the Roku was launched and through our system we began to see that more and more users were enabling their Roku devices with our channel,” the company added. “At that time, our channel was still in Beta version and only available in the US and as of now, we have expanded the availability worldwide.” is deployed on a worldwide network and has  customers in over 170 countries.

Skweez Media, which launched in January 2014, offers a business model that differs from traditional VOD in that users purchase tokens for 99 cents and each token gives them 24 hours of unlimited streaming access to watch anything on the platform. The site does not deal in recurring billing. Users only pay for the days they use the service. In addition, the network is accessible via web, mobile and Roku, which are all included in the 99 cents per day price.

The studio’s 30 day token package which costs $26.73 gives the user 30 24-hour tokens which is about $3.00 cheaper than an average porn site membership.

“The majority of porn paysites and networks charge 29.99/month that recurs every month,” Kulich added. When the user doesn’t want to subscribe to that site anymore, finally cancelling your membership is like discovering the holy grail; It is almost impossible. Our users buy tokens and since those tokens never expire, a 30 day pass can last them as long as they choose. On, you only pay for the days  you use the service and you have access to libraries from upwards of 60 production studios, whereas on other sites you are paying more and only get access to one studio.”

For more information, visit

Production Companies interested in licensing their content on the Skweez Media platform can e-mail Mike.

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