Social Worker Accused Of Grindr Murder ‘Grated Victim’s Flesh & Ate It With Chopsticks’

Oct 23, 2016
Sex Crimes
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A SOCIAL worker who “strangled and dismembered” a cop he met on Grindr “grated his victim’s flesh from his bones before eating some with chopsticks”.

PC Gordon Semple’s DNA was found on chopsticks and inside a pot at breaking-bad obsessed Stefano Brizzi’s home, a court heard today.

Brizzi, 50, is accused of trying to cook parts of the Metropolitan Police officer’s dismembered body in the oven.

There was also evidence of a bite mark on one of the 59-year-old’s ribs, the Old Bailey heard.

Crystal meth addict Brizzi told cops he “thought he was getting away with it” after being found “trying to dissolve PC Gordon Semple’s body in acid”.

Satanist Brizzi, who worked as a web developed for Morgan Stanley, is accused of killing the Metropolitan Police officer after organising a “hot dirty sleazy” sex session on dating app Grindr.

Some of the 59-year-old’s remains were found dissolving in a bath of acid after police were alerted to the “smell of death” coming from the Peabody Trust Estate in Southwark on April 7.

Brizzi later told officers: “I thought I was getting away with it. All I have left is two buckets’ of PC Semple’s flesh.”

The alleged killer also asked for a shower as “my bath tub has been unusable for days” and told police officers he “just didn’t like” his victim.

Other body parts were found in Brizzi’s bin and in the communal bins of Peabody Estate in Southwark, where the Italian lived.

One of Gordon’s severed feet was found by a member of the public on the south side of the river and attempts were also made to boil the PC’s flesh away in pans.

Before the alleged murder, the two men had been trying to persuade other gay men in the area to join them for a “Chemsex” party, the Old Bailey heard.

Only one man agreed to join, but was sent away by Brizzi – who told him over intercom: “We’re having a situation here. Someone fell ill but we’re taking care of it. So our party is cancelled.”

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