Interviews Award-Winning Erotic Filmmaker Erika Lust

Jan 30, 2014
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CYBERSPACE – Popular porn-for-women site announced today the publication of a video interview with erotic filmmaker Erika Lust, exploring the award-winning artist’s thoughts on a wide range of subjects, including her view on the essential differences between porn made for women and more traditional, male-focused pornography.


“Our interview with her demonstrates quite clearly why Erika sits at the very top of her field,” said Angie Rowntree, founder of “She has such a strong passion for erotic filmmaking. Erika’s work embodies everything that we value at; she makes films that are beautiful, arousing, that tell a great story, and which emphasize real sex and authentic pleasure.”

In the 23-minute interview, conducted by’s Katie Pratt, and filmed on location in Barcelona, Spain, Lust talks about her initial exposure to pornography, and how her initial reaction to porn continues to inform her work to this day.

Laying out her filmmaking philosophy, Lust states that she emphasizes three primary aspects: female pleasure, quality aesthetics and high production values. She explains that to her, porn is “not really just porn,” but a medium that has a far greater significance than being just “something that a few men watch to get off.”

“It has an impact on society, it speaks about our roles, our sexual roles as men and women, you know, about masculinity and femininity,” Lust says. “If we women don’t participate in this discourse, then it’s like we have nothing to say. It’s very important that women participate, and that we realize that people do watch porn to learn about sex, and if the porn that they are watching is very negative, especially for us women, then that’s what we’re going to learn – and I think that’s a huge mistake.”

Erika’s full interview is available at and

Viewers interested in hearing more of Lust’s thoughts on porn will soon have a chance to ask her questions directly, as Lust will serve as the guest moderator for the Tuesday, February 18 (4pm EST) edition of #SexTalkTuesday, the bi-weekly Twitter-based interactive chat hosted by

To view Erika’s work and to learn more about the filmmaker, please visit

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago

Valid points here and not just for women filmmakers. Emphasizing mutual pleasure, making pictures that are appealing to watch and offering production values competitive with those in mainstream entertainment is the direction the industry should have gone as a whole in response to internet competition. Instead, it went of cheap, ugly and dirty. How’d that work out for everybody?

Whatever the gender of the intended audience, quality sells. That cuts across genres and media of all sorts. Porn should give it a try for a change. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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