Statement by Diane Duke CEO of The Free Speech Coalition #RemoveWeinstein #NoOnMeasureB

Jul 25, 2015
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In response to Michael Weinstein’s misleading comments yesterday regarding an investigation by California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) about my activities as Treasurer of the “No on Measure B” campaign, I unfortunately find it necessary to set the record straight.

This is just another publicity stunt by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which is operating less and less like a non-profit, and more like a political advocacy committee. A few important points:


  • I have not been contacted by the FPPC, nor is there been any sign of an investigation. Anyone can file a complaint with the FPPC, to which they are required to respond.


  • Weinstein previously filed the same bogus complaint with the FEC. The complaint was easily dismissed.


  • Weinstein has had three years to file this complaint but is only doing so now, on the heels of his statewide ballot initiative, in hopes that it will negatively impact opposition to that initiative.


  • Weinstein has a personal interest in the passage of the ballot measure, which would create a taxpayer-funded position in state government for him, personally and specifically — a Porn Czar with full authority to prosecute and harass adult performers, producers and distributors of adult films using taxpayer money. Given that Weinstein is under investigation for $100 million in Medicare fraud, we should be extremely concerned about writing him a blank check from the state treasury.


  • Weinstein has filed numerous complaints, at numerous agencies, in hopes that it will distract or bankrupt the industry opposition, and allow his ballot measure to pass unopposed. Weinstein has a long history of spending his non-profits money to attack those who oppose him. This is an old censorship tactic that goes back to the early days of the industry.


  • Weinstein is once again misstating facts to gain media attention. This is all about his political agenda. Weinstein wasting taxpayer money and government resources to fund a personal crusade instead of focusing on patient care.


I’ll be happy to speak with the FPPC should they contact me. I suspect, like the FEC, they’ll find the complaint baseless. Mr. Weinstein’s attempts to silence me with a harassment campaign will not work. I am one of many ready to stand up and tell the truth about the danger of hiring Michael Weinstein as California Porn Czar, and eliminating health and safety choices for adult performers.


Diane Duke

CEO, Free Speech Coalition


UPDATE: Production Hold Extended Through Monday


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