Study Reveals Disturbing Narratives of Anal Sex, Women and Men Feel It Damages Reputation

Aug 15, 2014
Porn & Sex Worker Studies
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A study was done on anal sex on British teenagers which revealed aspects that were surprising. There were 130 teenagers between the age of 16 and 18 who were interviewed about their views on different sexual practices and experiences of their own.


Most of the sexual experiences took place while in a relationship. The first experiences of anal sex were not under circumstances of mutual exploration, but it was men who wanted to try it with the women unsure as they felt they’d feel pain or gain a damaged reputation.

The findings of the study, published on Aug 13 in the journal BMJ, showed that women felt pain during anal sex and that most teenagers saw the pain as a woman being “naive or flawed.” The findings cannot be generalised to all population as it involved a small group of heterosexual teenagers.

Not all the young men who took part in the study wanted to have anal sex but said that men usually encourage others to try the practice. The men, during a group discussion, admitted that they’d have it if it was part of a competition.

Though keen about the idea of anal sex, a lot of them were unenthusiastic about the idea, and one of the participants of the study said that he thought it was going to better than what he had experienced.

Amongst all the women in the study, only one woman had positive feelings about it and was persuaded by her partner and enjoyed the experience as well.

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