Tara Akinlose From Freepornstarpix

Jul 16, 2011
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LMAO so lawsuit happy nutcase Tara, the fat chick with 911 on speed dial has been telling all 3 of the people that got to her site shes suing me and several others..Of course for her to try an pull this off she would first need to delete all the crap shes said about us…I guess Tara “im gonna screen cap and send to the FBI” forgot our screencaps work too..
Tara, your wasting your time..You have nothing and are nothing. Ive been doing this 2 months and have passed you..lol as of today, You are my number 2 bitch behind Coke..Larry your 3

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Mark Felt
Mark Felt
11 years ago

Heh. She STILL thinks I’m Spiegler.

11 years ago

I would like to ask Tara to PROVE that “Mark Felt” is actually Mark Spiegler. On other forums he posts as either Shylock or with his real name. It is dicey to report someone to the police without being absolutely sure you have the right guy! Assuming Tara is wrong, she could be brought up on filing a false police report and defamation of character (yes, Mark Spiegler has a good reputation, so that is not even an issue). I hope that happens, I would like to see her in handcuffs and a jail uniform crying in the courtroom while… Read more »

11 years ago

It appears that Tara’s Twitter account has been hacked…or has her brain lesion caused her to suddenly join Sean and the Anti-PWL crew?

11 years ago

Great job Porn4all. I think it is very funny that her old Twitter name now redirects to a site maintained by the good guys in all of this! I think someone should Twitter every personal piece of information on her that can be found (except maybe her SSN), also if she has a felony criminal record like Donny someone should create a site like Mark Spiegler did regarding Donny (www.donnylongisaconvictedfelon.com). If PWL comes back up, someone should create a site specifically proving that Donny performed in gay porn complete with screen shots from the movie that has been found showing… Read more »

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