Teen Restaurant Manager Arrested For Hiding Camera In Women’s Bathroom

Nov 26, 2012
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A 17-year-old manager at a Long John Silver’s in California allegedly hid a cell phone in the women’s bathroom to secretly record videos of customers using the stall.

The unnamed supervisor in Vallejo was fired from his restaurant job, arrested and released to his parents with a court date, CBS13  in Sacramento reports.

‘The person who did it is sick,’ a local woman told CBS13. ‘He needs to be put away.’

Local police say one customer and her daughter recently noticed what appeared to be a digital video recorder as they were using the bathroom.

Caught: Local police say one customer and her daughter reported the incident after noticing the recording device, which turned out to be a cell phone.

Because the suspect is a minor, his name was not released to the public.

Officers arrived at the fast food spot and found the cell phone hidden in a vent of the women’s restroom.

The phone had been recording video images when it was discovered.

The officers at the scene of the creepy discovery say they have taken custody of the cell phone, but are unsure how many possible victims there may have been.

The restroom stall the camera was facing.

A Long John Silver’s employee told CBS13 that she was instructed not to comment on the incident.

She confirmed that the suspect was fired and that he had worked there for about three months.

Female customers say they now fear that this wasn’t the first time an incident like this occurred there.

The suspect was ‘invading the absolute highest degree of privacy that someone would expect to have in the restroom,’ Lt. Sid DeJesus of the Vallejo Police Department told CBS13.


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Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
11 years ago

In addition to partaking in spirits, substance and the occasional lithe, young gent, I’ve seen my fair share of toilet cam sites. I enjoy the personal nature of a camera in the bowl, peering up in wonder of the gifts about to be given. Alas, the majority of the gifts are merely golden streams of nectar. If I’m paying to see a young lady use the latrine, I expect to behold a commode taking part in its full range of duties (pun intended). Heavy day after Thanksgiving deuces. Been living off blow, beer and Mc Donalds explosive diarrhea. Possibly a… Read more »

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago
Reply to  Fake Gene Ross

And I thought today couldn’t get any better. Thank you, Fake Gene.

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