The Top Secret Truth About Mercedes Carrera’s Statement

Feb 11, 2019
Adult Business
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Some drug addled wannabe playing catch up has started a rumor that Mercedes Carrera’s statement wasn’t legit, even going as far as to imply that I, TRPWL, made it up the statement up and submitted it to news outlets  What a dumbfuck..

This pill poppers reasoning behind it is the wording of the statement..

Below is the proof that I made the whole thing up:

The acquaintance told AVN that the statement was drafted and approved by Carrera following an extensive meeting between the parties at the West Valley Detention Center, where Carrera and Cins have been held since their arrest last Friday.

Yes according the fucktard, how could they of had an “ extensive meeting” when visits can only last 20 minutes?  The adderal addict went on to add that anyone could phone the lockup and find out that visits were limited to 20 minutes and the rest of the world is stupid for believing the statement was real.

What this dipshit doesn’t realize is attorneys visits have no clock, that would be a violation of the basic right to fair representation.

How can anyone adequately prepare for a defense 20 minutes at a time?

But TRPWL, she said she had no money for a lawyer?

We are facing decades in prison and do not even have money for a lawyer.

Newsflash Katawi Joe, just about any lawyer with a bar card can walk into a jail, claim they represent so and so and pull them down for a visit. That doesn’t mean they are representing them. How can a defendant hire the RIGHT lawyer if lawyers can’t come visit them in jail?

Even more of a news flash, how many times in high profile cases is the first lawyer that comes in the same lawyer that represents them later?  Lawyers change all the time.

Super news flash, defendants in criminal cases sometimes have pending civil matters as well, meaning they get visits from more than one lawyer.

Super duper news flash, sometimes people get arrested, know an attorney, call that attorney who comes down to visit, based on friendship alone..

I know that drugs can cloud the mind, but this isn’t rocket science.

Most lawyers know their limitations, the lawyer that went to see Mercedes and took the statement obviously isn’t versed in criminal law. He probably recommended a few people which is why she said she didn’t have money for an attorney.  You don’t want the guy who fixed your tickets handing your sexual assault case, the same way you dont want the guy who worked on a custody agreement taking car of your meth charge.

You see, lawyers, like to specialize, there are bankruptcy lawyers, lawyers who specialize in DWI”s, lawyers who handle probation violations and so on.

It’s sort of like blogging, there are bloggers who who do their best to give readers the truth, and then there are bloggers who make up bullshit lies about people for clicks…

Do I know that Mercedes statement is 100% legit? Of course not, I wasn’t there.  But I do know how it was obtained and have no reason to believe that that person made it up.

Anyway, I’m off to see OJ, I’m gonna get a statement prior to his next arrest and pass it on to AVN instead of breaking it here first…



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