‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’ – Riley Reynolds, Hussie Models

Jun 9, 2015
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Yesterday I had a disagreement with someone on Twitter over Hussie Models and Hussie’s roll in the anti-porn “documentary” Hot Girls Wanted. I’m not gonna get into the particulars of the documentary but for the most part the porn community is in agreement that Hot Girls Wanted is a slam on the adult industry.

When I first read Whiteacre’s piece on it, I tried to give Hussie the benefit of the doubt. Riley says he was tricked, and if that’s true we don’t have to worry Hussie promoting the movie right? I mean if I had been tricked into helping slam the profession that I supposedly love, I would be doing whatever I had to do to set the record straight.

One thing I wouldn’t do is help promote the same people that allegedly tricked me. Below are just some of Hussie’s retweets for Hot Girls Wanted. Hussie HGW 5-29-15 1 Hussie HGW 5-31-15 1 Hussie HGW 5-31-15 2 Hussie HGW 6-1-15 1 Hussie RT 1 Hussie RT 2 Hussie RT 3

But that last cap explains the Riley Reynolds ‘who gives a shit’ philosophy.

“There is no such thing as bad publicity”.  Who cares that the show slams they very business you use to pay your bills, and so what what if the its based on lies and bullshit right?  As long as you get some free run its all good..

This fucking dude is such a piece of shit he doesn’t give two fucks about anyone else; it’s all about the publicity.

Even worse, you have dudes like MimeFreak giving him a pass. Like, its’ all good Riley, keep promoting it, you’re still my boy. Who cares if AHF is breathing down the adult business’ back trying to put a condom on everyone, don’t worry Riley, they’ll never see Hot Girls Wanted, much less try and use it to their advantage and work it into their condom war. It will be our little secret.

Yesterday MimeFreak said to me “one thing about me is I have done more for this industry then you have. And that’s a FACT.”  That may or may not be true. But what is true is MimeFreak is helping promote something that paints his profession in a bad light, but maybe that’s his thing…

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6 years ago

Ha! Fitting they compare ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ to ‘Supersize Me’, another fauxumentary that’s been shown to be a fraud… I have never, and will never, understand people with such a dogmatic belief in something, that no matter the evidence to the contrary, they refuse to change their views.

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