Top Searches on TRPWL: Serenity Haze & Mama Pimp Desi Foxx

May 26, 2017
Adult Business
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Holy shit man, look at that list. It’s like a who’s who of porn losers.  Serenity has actually been the top search for the last 4 months. Desi Foxx, the mom who shared a dick with her daughter, Shy Love, the women who outed porn-stars real names during a porn beef, Scott Ohanian, the bad check writing, non licensed, alleged coke head,  Phyllisha Ann, the pro AHF drug addict who created the union scam, Shelley Lubben, the fake Christian who bid donated money on a date with Ron Jeremy,  Tucker Slain aka Roofie Slain, and of course Mike South, the blogger who after so many lies got sued, lost, and was forced to turn over all his sites to his enemy…


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4 years ago

Poor Coco Loco must be heartbroken that no one even cares enough about her to read up on her here.

I care Miss Loco, even though I haven’t gazed upon your brown buttocks recently, I bet they are as firm and lovely as ever. When they Jets are scheduled for their first game in Vegas, I plan to book a “date” so I can dine on your dark doo doo hole and teach you the wonders of buttfuckin.

jody williams
jody williams
1 month ago

Just a side note here about Desi – I’d seen her media for a few years online, but never really interacted with her. However, when Jasmine accused Dennis Hof of rape, this became a whole other matter. Now when she called me saying Hof had raped her, of course I automatically felt like mama bear about ready to rip Dennis a new one. I’d never heard ANYONE accuse him of such horrible things. I asked her if she was willing to put that on tape for me, and she did. Which USUALLY when someone is lying, they aren’t willing to… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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