Tori Black Speaks On Her Arrest

Jan 25, 2012
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AVN spoke with Black this afternoon, and she offered the following statements regarding Friday morning’s events:

“I went out to host a party at Sapphire nightclub, and I was hanging out with Alexis Texas and Asa Akira, and we were all having a great time, just sitting having a few drinks, and anybody who knows what happens when you stop drinking for a really long time and then start drinking again, is that you realize that your tolerance has gone way down. Before I realized it, I was getting pretty drunk.

“So we got in the limo and headed back to the hotel, and I stopped at the bar with a friend, and we were having a serious conversation, and I had another few drinks, and by that time, I was way past my limit and not really thinking about what I was drinking. By the time I got to my hotel room, I was going in and out of blacking out, and essentially what happened when I got to the room was, I wanted to cuddle with my baby, as usual—that’s the first thing I want to do when I get home—and his dad was worried that I might hurt him by accident because I couldn’t even walk straight, I couldn’t think, I was really, really quite drunk.

“By the time he told me that he wanted me to sober up before I held the baby, I got very defensive, I was embarassed because I knew how drunk I was, and I thought he was going to take the baby away from me for good, just because, you know when you’re drunk, you just don’t think straight. So I kind of went a little berzerk and tried to get the baby, and everything he did was just to restrain me.

“The police were called because I was screaming for help because I wanted my baby. I just wanted to hold him and did not realize how far gone I was, and Lyndell just wanted me to compose myself. You know, if I’m trying to lay with the baby, you never know what could happen, so he was just trying to take care of both of us. [TMZ] said he used excessive force, which is not true, and from anybody who knows me, I am a tough girl, and trying to restrain me takes excessive force. Essentially, that’s the story, and that is the whole story, and the most important thing to me is my family, and I made a very big mistake, and to them I apologize. I apologize to the people that came to see me at AVN and didn’t get a chance to say hello because I was otherwise occupied. I apologize to the companies that I let down and the engagements that I was supposed to have. I let everybody down, and it was a mistake that I made, and I apologize. I apologize to Lyndell, obviously, because the first thing that people want to say is that I’m being abused by the person that I’m with, and that’s just far from the truth, so I just wanted to go on record and straighten it out and say essentially it was more of me being too drunk. From what I hear from Lyndell, I punched a wall and not his head, so it was blown pretty far out of proportion.

“The most important thing is that my family and I are OK and they forgive me, and we are working on moving forward.”

Black added that she and Anderson do have a court date scheduled as a result of the arrests, but that she expects no charges to be pressed, as no damage was done to the hotel property, nor were any complaints made of public disturbance.


Check out her website when you get a chance

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Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

I’m sure that Shelley or some other antiporn whackjob will see this and immediately write the following: “She’s LYING!! She was really abused and assaulted by her porn boyfriend like all the other cumdumpsters….errrrrrr, prostituted women trapped in the evil world of porn!!! She’s just making up that excuse because she’s a PAID AGENT of the porn industry!!! We know what REALLY happened!! GET OUT, TORI, AND GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!! Oh, and can we use you for one of Shelley’s fake testimonials??” On the real, though…Tori sounds like a strong woman who simply made a mistake in judgment. Live,… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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