Trenton Ducati Calls Out AHF Shill Rod Daily #RemoveWeinstein

Feb 18, 2016
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Patrick "No Show" Stone, AHF dictator Michael Weinstein, Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, in September 2013

Don’t be fooled folks … Rod Daily is not on our side …

Let’s be clear. The fact that former gay-for-pay performer Rod Daily and his porn star girlfriend Cameron Bay contracted HIV are sad and regrettable. As you will see in the original post immediately below, there was tremendous fall-out that extended far beyond Daily and Bay. This included both lawsuits and an industry-wide shooting moratorium.

Let’s also be clear. Rod Daily worked in condom only studios. Bay’s studios required screening. Wherever they got it, it wasn’t on the set of a porn film. It was somewhere with no testing protocols. Escorting perhaps?

That entire matter came up at the hearing today. Daily was singing the AHF theme song. Then Trenton Ducati called him out …

DAILY: “Nobody wants any performer to move out of California. Nobody wants anyone to shoot unsafe. I strongly support this bill. I strongly support condoms and testing together.”

DUCATI: “On the Rod Daily issue, the root of this whole movement. Joshua was an active escort with an unfortunate meth addiction when he was supposedly infected on the set. Joshua was not telling the truth. I was good friends with him and have text messages on this phone where he admits he wasn’t sure where he contracted HIV.”

A committee member then stopped Trenton when the only thing that should have been stopped was Rod Daily wearing that suit. But then again, most douche bags are a shade of coral aren’t they?

Regardless of the circumstances, Michael Weinstein and AHF made Rod Daily the poster child of “big evil porn.” Daily and Bay were brought in to testify in favor of the law at the AB1576 hearing in back in 2014. The bill’s main supporter, in addition to L.A. Assemblyman Isadore Hall, was the AHF.

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